Amazon Kills Its Unlimited Storage Plan

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Amazon is scrapping its unlimited cloud storage plan.

The eCommerce king announced the change via its Amazon Drive FAQ Thursday.

The Unlimited Everything Plan came with a $59.99 per year bill and enabled users to store an unending number of photos, videos, files, documents, movies and music in Cloud Drive.

Amazon Cloud PlansNow, however, Amazon will offer two plans. Customers will be able to store up to 100GB for $11.99 a year, or up to 1TB for $59.99. Customers needing more storage can pay an extra $59.99 a year for each extra terabyte up to 30 terabytes.

“Current customers will keep their existing unlimited storage plan through its expiration date. At the end of their existing subscription, customers with auto-renew turned on and 1TB or less of data stored will be renewed into the 1 TB plan for $59.99 per year,” Amazon explained in its FAQ section.

“Customers with auto-renew off, or who have more than 1 TB of data stored, will need to visit their account’s Manage Storage page to opt in to one of the new plans. Prime members will continue to get unlimited photo storage, so photo storage won’t be counted against Prime members’ storage limits.”

Those who choose not to renew their plan will be given the standard 5 GB of free storage. Prime members also get free unlimited photo storage.

Those whose accounts go over the 5 GB will be given an over-quota status and will be unable to upload additional files. They will only be able to view, download and delete content. Such customers will have 180 days to delete content to fall within the free quota. After that, Amazon will start deleting content with the most recent uploads first.

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