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June 12, 2017

So You Think You Can Be An Affiliate Marketer?

At least 40 percent of beginning entrepreneurs who come online every year to start a business go into affiliate marketing. Surprisingly, it is only one out of every 10 affiliates that succeed; yes, a mere 10 percent succeeds in affiliate marketing. The rest never make any substantial income — certainly not enough to help them quit their day job.

Affiliate marketing has been grouped as one of the easiest yet long ways of making some extra cash online. No doubt, it has changed the life of many people. But not everyone understands the secret of being successful as an affiliate.

Inner Force

One of the problems many beginners face is that they never look for the cause of their misfortune within. The secret to success in any business lies within. You may have all the necessary tools at your disposal but if you lack those inner facilities, you will definitely fail. Failure starts from the inside and if you are going to succeed, that has to start from the inside too.

There is a motive to any businessman. You may be in need of money to come out of debt, quit your boring job or to change your life entirely. Thus, you want to start your own online business for the money and not for fun. Whatever your motivation might be, there is need to dedicate your whole self to learning and perfecting the necessary skills to succeed.

Get rid of your ‘instant gratification’ mentality

Remember: anything worth having is worth working (and waiting) for. If you want to become a super soccer player, going to the field a few times a week will not set you apart and bring you millions. The same thing applies here. If you are looking for some overnight success or a sort of ‘magic money,’ then affiliate marketing is not for you and you will definitely get frustrated, waste money and time and give up soon.

The web knows how to delay results. You may just be burning with excitement after reading a certain affiliate marketing book by a guru ― with your hopes fixed on that paycheck in your mail box next week. Face the truth, no paycheck is coming.

You have to strategize your actions first:

• Follow a proven plan.

• Find a successful mentor.

• Stick with a given plan on affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of training systems, techniques and courses out there. I really got sick of all these and decided to ask a few questions to an affiliate friend of mine. I discovered he didn’t work as much as I do, but he was getting results much faster. Only then did I get to understand that it all had to do with my attitude toward the whole game. I never really followed a particular system properly before jumping to another. So if you desire that money, you must be willing and have the ability to follow instructions diligently and patiently, even when you may not be seeing results at first. Find a mentor who has already succeeded on what you are trying to do now. If he is someone you know, take him out, buy him a pizza and he will give you the best money making tips you could ever get.

Are you willing to spend some time there?

You will need enough time to work as hard as you can. When you are starting out, there is no need to relax and work three hours a day ― as you may have been taught in those training books. You will need time to research niches, write and post articles and build backlinks. Don’t forget: people are not fools. People appreciate those who offer high quality service and give value to their everyday life.

If you really dream of becoming a successful affiliate marketer, then you need to be patient and willing to work hard. Once you have established your way and the money starts coming, you can then start regulating your working hours. In most cases, this might take few weeks or months of commitment. I’ve done it and it’s worth the effort.


Steven Papas has a major in Business Economics and IT from the University of Wales. In 2009 he quitted his job as a financial broker and devoted himself entirely to his online business as an affiliate marketer. He writes for several technology blogs about news, discount coupons, new software and apps. One of his blog is