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June 19, 2017

Why Investing in a Drone Is the Best Business Decision in 2017

Building a business requires making the right kind of capital investments to push your objectives forward. Drone usage is exploding and many different organizations are discovering that this type of technology can actually enhance their business. Real estate, agriculture, factories, sports businesses, energy production enterprises, and security companies are just a few of the many industries that can benefit from drones.

There are several reasons why investing in a drone is a good business decision. Your investment can be for your existing business or for a brand-new business based on drones. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a drone in 2017:

1. Drone pilot licenses are finally being issued

Finally, there are regulations in place for commercial drone usage. There are actual drone licenses available and drone pilots do not need to apply for exemptions in order to fly commercially. While there is a need to pass exams to qualify for a drone pilot license from the FAA, the fact that the murkiness is gone and commercial drone pilots only need to a pass a multiple-choice exam and a TSA background check means that commercial drone usage can finally take off.

2. The drone market is maturing

Another factor making 2017 the year to invest in a drone is the maturation of the drone market. Drone model changes are becoming more incremental than revolutionary. Features are being added to improve already adequate performance. Manufacturers are able to focus on improving quality to add distinction in the marketplace. All of this means that you don’t have to worry about the great drone you bought today becoming obsolete tomorrow.

There are a plethora of great professional drones available. The DJI Phantom Aerial UAV drone quadcopter for GoPro is just one great example of this. It’s got good drone flight time on a full charge. It’s all ready to take your GoPro to new heights. You’ll be able to capture wide-angle shots and full HD video footage from your drone. It’s also got state-of-the-art controls so you can fly like a pro without spending weeks learning how to fly it.

3. Drones serve a useful function

There is no doubt that drones serve a very useful function in industries across the board. What makes 2017 different? The fact that the market is mature and there is finally a regulatory framework in place is what makes it different. Companies can now openly utilize drones in a myriad of different industries without the risk of fines.
Real estate companies can capture drone footage of listed properties. Security companies can utilize drones to do perimeter scans. Factories can utilize drones to get a view of production throughout the factory. Agricultural companies can use drones to check out their fields without needing to physically walk the rows. Nearly every industry has a bona fide drone use case.

4. Drones save money

The many drone use cases all point to reducing expenses. The farmer who is not needing to waste time walking a field or using expensive diesel to check out his field is saving real money. The security company is able to replace boots on the ground with a drone that allows the operator to collect real-time intelligence. As many use cases as there are, there are just as many opportunities to save your business money. The capital cost of a quality drone is easily covered by the reduction in expenses that the UAV provides.

5. Your competitor is looking at drones

The Huffington Post has declared that 2017 is the year of the drone. Everyone is hearing about drones and how they can be used commercially. It’s hardly surprising that your competitor is looking at utilizing a drone in his business. He will be taking advantage of lower expenses and higher productivity. Not having a drone can mean that you’ll be at a competitive disadvantage. Yes, you might be able to buy a drone later, but you will have lost the first mover advantage.

Before You Invest

Now that you’ve decided that you need to invest in a UAV, there are few things to consider when making this investment in your business.

• Eschew the toys and go with a quality professional drone.
• Make sure you get a UAV pilot license from the FAA before doing commercial activities.
• Perform a cost-benefit analysis before your purchase.
• Keep all receipts for the drone and your training for possible tax deductions.

It’s extremely important that you also come up with a drone use plan either before or after you make the investment. A use plan will detail how you will use it effectively in your business. It’s easy for mission creep to enter when there is a cool new toy available at the office. By limiting it to the use plan, you can ensure that you are truly getting maximum value from your investment. You can always add a new use case to your plan in the future.
It’s obvious that a UAV drone can help any business lower its expenses and increase its profitability. The market has matured and there is finally a regulatory framework in place. It’s hardly surprising that 2017 is the year of the commercial drone and it can be the best investment you make all year long.