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How Instagram’s PC Update Affects Your SMM

Instagram recently announced it reached 700 million active users per month. That’s a pretty big deal, considering the site just crossed the 600-million mark  in December.

After the new Insta-story with filters and LIVE updates, topping up with the option to add a few photos in a single post, Instagram seems to be gaining more popularity and public approval.

Digital marketers cannot just ignore all of these amazing updates. We want to use it to our utmost advantage, but had a tiny issue with fully exploiting Instagram for marketing purposes. That issue is the lack of the most basic features via PC.

Instagram is a photo posting mobile app and does not have many of its primary features on the computer interface. For a very long period of time, we could only scroll through our news feed through our laptops. This means the actual process of digital promotion via Instagram is taking place through the mobile app on the marketer’s phone. Not the most convenient option, if you ask me since you have to post regularly, be attentive to notifications and so on and so forth. But then, something happened.

A few days ago I came across a post on LinkedIn with some screenshots from a Safari browser on someone’s iPhone. It was a screenshot of Instagram’s new change that allows posting photos from your Safari browser. I checked it on my Android, and voila! I could do that as well. No changes have been made to the computer browsers as yet, but this gives us some hope to expect official updates sooner rather than later. But, enough of assuming and getting all excited. Let’s see what impact these changes would have on digital marketing.


Instagram will get more automated

Instagram is known for its resistance to getting fully automated. Multiple applications are created on a daily basis trying to make it easier for users to see who unfollowed them and unfollow back automatically. But it’s also a hassle to download all those different apps and do it. With the regular Web version, you’d be able to do it with more ease. On top of that, the computer version of Instagram will, hopefully, allow marketers to schedule their posts all together without having to approve or manually post it. This would probably be the biggest rock to drop from the shoulders of digital marketers.

Posts would get easier to share and control

We all know how easy and fast it is to post pictures and videos on Instagram via your phone. That’s something we all do both for our personal and business pages. But if you are a digital marketing agency, or any business that has an Instagram account, you know the mobile thing does not work in your favor most of the time. And the reason for that is, frankly, convenience. For your business pages, you usually spend time creating quality photos, such as editing them via Lightroom or Photoshop. Of course, you could e-mail yourself the pictures later and post it on your account, but then again, for the sake of not letting a single minute go to waste, it’s frustrating to do so. Thus, it is quite obvious that finally being able to manage all your social media accounts through your PC would make matters way easier. Sometimes people tend to underestimate the power of “obviosity,” but practice shows you should not neglect it.

No more hassle switching from one account to the other

This one is so important when it comes to managing multiple accounts on Instagram. First of all, you can’t have more than five accounts opened simultaneously. What if you have a few accounts of your own and then have to manage a few more for your company? You get trapped or, rather, frustrated. So, having Instagram on your laptop with access to all of the features you need for your marketing purposes would be pretty amazing. No more switching between tons of accounts on your phone. Open it incognito or on multiple browsers, but now you at least won’t have to mix up your personal accounts with business, which is always a good thing.

The struggle of keeping up with content on all your social media accounts through different devices is a serious one, which also happens to take a lot of time. It does not directly affect the results of your SMM, but it does make the process turn into a nuisance when you have to constantly switch between various platforms. Imagine not having to worry about managing all those Instagram accounts from your phone, mixing your personal life with business. Imagine not having to resist the extra temptation to check on your Instagram from your phone during working hours. And, last but not least, imagine posting photos and videos on your company’s Instagram page straight from your laptop once you are done editing quality pictures through Lightroom.

These are some of the simple ways Instagram would affect you as an SMM geek if it upgraded to a web-friendly interface with all of its glory. So, let’s cross our fingers and wait for the boom.

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Areg Vardanyan

Areg Vardanyan is the founder and COO of AYYO Marketing. He’s a proud digital marketing geek with many years of experience in the sphere. He’s Godlike with Google (or so he believes).