Google Photos Rolls Out AI-Assisted Suggested Sharing

Google this week is launching suggested sharing and shared libraries for its popular Google Photos service.

The artificial intelligence-assisted services are all about taking the work out of sharing photos with family and friends.

SharedLibrariesBlog_Photos_AlphaSuggested sharing

With its suggested sharing feature, Google Photos will suggest photos for you to share and who to share them with. The app will use facial recognition to determine who is in the photos and offer to send the images to them. Likewise, Google Photos will keep track of who you usually send your images to and offer to do it for you. You can, however, alter photos or suggested recipients before sending.

You will be able to see your Google Photos sharing activity and who and what was shared with you in a new Sharing tab.

Shared libraries

With this new feature you will be able to send and receive photos with one person via a shared library. You will have the option of automatically sharing your full photo library or choosing what you wish to share.

“What about that special person you share just about everything with, like your spouse, partner or best friend? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could  automatically share relevant photos with them?” Google Photos vice-president Anil Sabharwal said in a blog post.

“With Shared Libraries, you can effortlessly and automatically send and receive photos with one other person. You can give them access to your full photo library or, if you prefer, only photos of certain people or from a certain date forward.”

To start sharing, go to your menu bar, select ‘Share your library’ and enter your chosen recipient’s e-mail address. Once the recipient accepts the invitation, he or she will be able to see all of your shared photos and new additions will be shared automatically.

Shared libraries and suggested sharing are currently rolling out across Android, iOS and the Web.

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