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Pinterest Rolling Out Two-Factor Authentication for All

Pinterest is beefing up security for its users with the addition of two-factor authentication.

The new, optional security feature will roll out over the next few weeks for all Pinterest users.

pinterest_logo_redTwo-factor authentication would add an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a verification code each time you log in.

The tool decreases the likelihood of accounts being hacked because more than a password is required to gain access.

If you chose to use the tool, you would need to enter a special code each time you logged in. The code would be sent via text message, or via Twilio’s Authy app for “even stronger security.”

“Once it’s available, just head to the Security section of your account settings on the Web,” Pinterest said in a blog post.

“Two-factor authentication protects your whole account once it’s enabled—so if you turn it on from the Web, you’ll need a code to log in on any device, like your iPhone or Android phone.”

The security section will also list all of the devices logged in to your account. Any device that you do not recognize can be removed.

If Pinterest sees a login from a new device or location, it will fire off an e-mail to “give you a heads up.” If the login in was not you, you simply reset your password to secure your account.

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