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How to Reach Your Sales Goals in 2017 Using Social Media

In today’s world, where eCommerce is on the rise and technology has taken over everything, businesses and companies are thriving through the use of social media.

While normally your use of social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, may be limited to posting pictures and liking and commenting on your friends’ posts, many others are making money through these platforms and generating sales and revenues for their businesses.

Thus, in this period of time, if your business hasn’t been doing well at creating leads and making sales, it is time to up your social media game to reach your sales goals in 2017.

Hashtag your product away

Typically used as a fun and creative platform to upload pictures with quirky hashtags, Instagram can also act as an effective medium to build awareness of your brand and boost your sales. Instagram, like many other social sites, has great visual power to attract people’s attention and make them familiar with your product. With the right strategies, you could efficiently maneuver this power your way to attain your sales goals in 2017.

Perhaps, you could take a leaf out of Red Bull’s page and learn a few tips and tricks from their Instagram campaign. The goal of its campaign was to introduce its new tropical flavored ‘Summer Edition’ energy drink, where it incorporated bright yellow filters on different pictures coupled with the hashtag #thissummer.


Since inception, the brand has sold more than 60 billion cans of its famous drink and has released four different flavors to cater to different palettes.

Hence, for you to control the full power of a sales and marketing campaign on Instagram, and create viral content, you need to understand and see how the audience uses these social platforms. Only then will you be able to give them exactly what they want to help boost your sales.

Use a powerful video to get your message across

There is no doubt that audiences find visual representations more appealing than text-based content that can cause visual fatigue. Hence, a powerful video will help display your brand image more clearly and interestingly than simple, plain words. And if you can also manage to incorporate in that video a strong message by focusing on a sensitive social issue, not only can you create awareness but also boost the sales of your product.

Perhaps, you could do something like what BBDO Mumbai and Mediacom Mumbai did recently. The phenomenal video ‘Share the Load’ featuring Ariel, the detergent brand that focused on deep-rooted issue of social inequality, managed to not only create an emotional stir among the audience but also increased Ariel’s sales overtime. The video campaign encouraged men to share the weight of household chores with their female counterparts. Reportedly, 1.57 million men did agree to ‘share the load’ and Ariel doubled its value and sales volume, which grew by 106 per cent and 105 per cent, respectively.


Sometimes simplicity wins the game

In order to increase sales and revenue or establish a successful brand image for your product, you don’t necessarily have to spend millions on marketing campaigns or brand-boosting strategies. Sometimes, going simple and not overcomplicating things can pave the way for better results.

If you are a small or medium enterprise (SME) and are looking for ways to boost your sales in 2017, social media is the answer to your worries. Having a simple blog and website where you post interesting content or perhaps create viral content can often work better than complicated strategies. However, the important thing is to post quality content on your site often to keep the audience engaged and interested. You can then use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your websites, just like Emerson Salon did.

Most of its success came from a blog and website and an intelligent use of social buttons on its website. The salon clearly knew its target audience, asked for feedback and also posted interesting content from its blog. A major chunk of the salon’s clients came from its social media, which generated a 400 percent increase in its revenues.


Turn to user generated content if all else fails

Imagine the benefits for your brand if your customers were given a chance to contribute to your content creation efforts. This would not only engage them in your work but also establish trust with them.

You could perhaps use this idea to influence your own audience and customers by giving them a chance to, for instance, post pictures on your website of them wearing or using your products. This not only generates interest in your business but helps promote your brand.

Burberry, a famous British clothing company, launched a user generated content strategy to rejuvenate its brand image. In 2009, Burberry launched a website to offer users a chance to upload their pictures of them wearing Burberry products and comment on others’ pictures. This helped Burberry’s eCommerce sales to surge 50 percent.


Create curated content to engage your audience

Content curation requires the display of relevant information related to a particular topic or area of interest, which would effectively attract customers to your brand.  If you simply create curated lists of your products in the form of a blog post on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook with catchy headlines and hashtags, you are likely to boost sales; just like H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) does.

This popular fashion apparel and accessories retailer has been boosting sales by posting curated lists of trending items via Twitter with attractive hashtags that draw in potential readers. Once they click on it, readers are taken to a mobile site with a list of items that then brings them to the online page to make their purchase.


Adopting a sales and marketing tactic like this will not only get your audience to interact with you and buy your products but it further acts like a re-engagement strategy. Creating curated lists will establish your brand image as a whole and, because such posts are highly shareable on social media, they are likely to produce healthy engagement with your audience.

There are numerous social media strategies you can use to reach your sales goals in 2017. You can also take inspiration from certain successful brands and companies that boosted their sales and revenues solely through their clever use of social media. However, just because it worked for a certain brand doesn’t mean it will for you as well. Using social media to your advantage requires one to work cleverly, creatively, cautiously and, above all,  with an understanding of the customer persona.

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