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How to Write Website Copy to Increase Sales

“Content is king” is a phrase you may have heard — and its importance can never be overstated. Words, undoubtedly, hold a lot of power and, being our only means of communication, should always be used appropriately and effectively.

Whether it is our personal life or professional one, what we say, how we say it, and when we say it determines how effective our message is. No wonder, people are always striving to be better communicators and are working endlessly to ensure what they say is spot on with what they hope to achieve.

As a content producer, it is absolutely essential to not only produce grammatically-correct and interesting content, but content that is in sync with what your company is hoping to achieve.

Flowery content that is well-written and linguistically accurate is of no use if it is not drawing in customers. Content producers must create articles that grasp the attention of the audience, hold it, and encourage visitors to at least consider the company’s sales offer. The goal should be to push the customer down the sales funnel to a point where the sales team can take over and convert a lead into a sale.

HubSpot states that great content often fails just because a correct marketing strategy or sales approach has not been identified. So, how exactly can you write website copy that increases sales? Check out these tips.

Speak to your buyer

For a content producer to create effective website copy, he/she must understand the market he/she is writing for. While this may mean taking note of buyer demographics, it is not limited to just that. The content producer must imagine his/her target buyer and that person’s personality traits.

What does the target buyer like? What does the buyer dislike? What is the buyer passionate about? The content producer must determine what is likely to make the imaginary buyer purchase something and what is likely to make him/her hesitate to purchase.

Accordingly, the content producer can create content that is compelling and will appeal to the target buyer. Giving the buyer an imaginary persona will enable the content producer to create content that is both engaging and persuasive, leading to an increase in sales.

Tell them the benefits instead of the features

Your product may be super wonderful but unless and until the customer thinks so, it won’t sell. The customer may not be as interested in hearing about how incredible your product is, but may be more interested in knowing how it would benefit him or her.

To create compelling copy, tell the customer how purchasing the product is likely to impact his or her life; how it would make it better.

You can list benefits as positive statements or offer points that signify how the product helps avoid a problem. For example, instead of saying herbal tea contains antioxidants, you can say that herbal tea helps reduce stress levels, highlighting how the product helps avoid a problem. You can also say herbal tea is an energy booster which is a positive statement about the product, emphasizing its benefits.

Keep it short and sweet

Deep conversations that span hours may be highly enjoyable but talking to your customer through website copy is another thing altogether. Long paragraphs of website copy are uninviting. You need to entice your customers, not bore them. Keep your website copy short, to the point, and engaging.

You can even break general grammar rules when writing website copy if it enhances readability. Apple copywriters don’t hesitate in beginning sentences with and or but and even use broken sentences to make the copy more appealing and get their message across. In fact, Apple copywriters even use one-word sentences.

For example if you are talking about the benefits of a new lipstick brand, you can say; Rich. Smooth. Lasting., rather than saying, “This new lipstick brand offers an assortment of different colors that are rich, smooth, and long-lasting.” Writing one-word sentences makes the copy quick and easy to read.

It’s story time!

Children love stories but adults do too. Tell your customers about the product and what it offers through a story rather than just listing details. Allow them to visualize something, feel emotions, and fascinate them with facts.

For example, when writing copy for a diaper brand, instead of simply saying that this diaper can keep your baby dry for a longer period of time, you can tell a story about a baby and his mother who regularly had to go through the fuss of changing diapers numerous times a day. However, that situation changed when she changed brands.

Stories can make content more memorable and associate feelings with a particular brand. This enhances brand recognition and recall and can definitely give sales a boost.

Analogies are amazing

Describe your product with the use of analogies to help the customer understand what you mean and to better illustrate concepts. For example, you can say a lipstick shade is as red as a rose or provides a finish that is as smooth as silk. This can easily associate new things with things that are known and enable potential customers to articulate and visualize concepts, resulting in a more enticing copy.

Analogies can answer several questions for customers. For example, if you say a product is hard and unbreakable, the customer may want to know exactly how strong and durable it is? You can say the product is as hard as a rock giving the customer an idea of how durable the product is. Analogies provide clarity and vivid descriptions and are a great way to engage the customer.

If you use all or at least some of the mentioned tips to write website copy, you are highly likely to entice customers into purchasing your product. When the CrazyEgg website was redesigned, the site’s conversion rate increased by 363 percent and itscopy had a big hand in driving that success.

Master your copy and watch sales shoot sky high.

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