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How Video Establishes “Know, Like and Trust” With Your Target Audience

In last week’s article, I talked about the importance of incorporating video into your business marketing strategy. One of the top reasons I mentioned was how video increases your target market’s confidence in you.

And when it comes to compelling people to purchase from you, that confidence must be fully established first.

This is what we call building the “Know, Like and Trust” factor with potential clients. As a business owner, your goal should always be to focus on these three areas in any marketing you do.

One of the best places to help you establish the “Know, Like and Trust” factor with your target market is by using video on social media.

Video provides ample opportunity to showcase your personal and professional brand. It elevates your knowledge and expertise in your industry and gives people an opportunity to get to know you better, like you enough to want to hear more about what you have to say, and of course, trust you enough to make it comfortable for them to purchase from you.

So how do you go about building the “Know, Like and Trust” factor with your audience through video?

Providing Value

The first thing is to determine what your target market would find of value. If you’re not giving your potential clients something they want, then they have no reason to watch.

That value can come in a few different ways. A video can be:

1. Entertaining

2. Informative

3. Inspiring or motivating

4. Interesting

5. Engaging

Think about your business and how you can create videos that your target audience would appreciate receiving from you.

Depending on the industry you are in and tapping into your own unique personality, see what types of videos would work best for you and would resonate the most with your audience.

Since developing the “Know, Like and Trust” factor is a fundamental in business marketing, let’s dive a little deeper into this concept to fully appreciate how it can get you more leads and easier sales conversions for your business.

Building the KNOW Factor

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, you are the face of your business. You don’t have the luxury of having a big corporate brand image (and budget) to get the sales. Instead, you have to rely on getting out there, pounding the pavement and getting visible in front of your potential clients.

This is because it stands to reason the more someone knows you, the more comfortable they will be in discovering more about what you have to offer, which can then lead to a sale.

Getting in front of a video is a great, quick way to accomplish this.

So when creating social media videos, always have your target market in mind and ensure you are infusing not only value into what you’re producing but also some of your personality so people feel they are seeing a friend every time they watch your video.

Building the LIKE Factor

As people get to know you through your videos, something else is going to happen. You’re creating an opportunity for them to also like you.

This is where knowing and understanding your ideal target market really becomes important. People aren’t going to purchase from you if they don’t like you.

Think about it, do you avoid making a purchase if someone came across too pushy or icky in some way? Well your audience is judging you the same way.

Of course you can’t get everyone to like you but what you can do when you’re creating your videos is to be:

Uniquely Yourself — There’s no point in trying to act like someone else. Just be you and you will draw your followers in naturally.

Genuinely Authentic — Honesty and even some vulnerability will help people feel they are not watching a rip-off artist in action.

Timely Relevant — Produce videos your target audience wants to watch and when they need to see it in order to convert them into paying clients quicker and easier.

Unabashedly Visible — Don’t hide behind the camera, people need to see your face in order to be able to like you.

Building the TRUST Factor

When all is said and done, if someone doesn’t trust you, they will never do business with you. Period.

Sometimes business owners automatically assume people should trust them but may unknowingly be doing things that have the opposite effect.

Here’s some ways you can establish trust with your ideal target market:

Provide Value — Avoid creating fluff, pointless and nonsensical videos that are meaningless to the people you want to buy from you. They are not going to trust you to know what you’re doing if you don’t provide proof you do.

Pursue Excellence — The more you provide the best you have to offer by way of skills and expertise, the more you are building trust by showcasing your ability to solve the problems your target market has that your product or service provides.

Be Consistent — Randomly producing videos is not going to get you the traction you need to establish authority in your industry. People want to see consistency to make them feel more comfortable about trusting you. Set a schedule and commit to it. Whether it’s once a month or once a week, that consistency will get you the results you’re after.

• Avoid “Salesy” Language — People don’t like to be sold to. Avoid trying to “sell” your products or services and instead focus on providing value. This will draw people in as opposed to repelling them.

Provide Unique Content — They say there’s nothing new that can be said about any given topic but what you can do is take your knowledge and find ways to present it in a new light. Find different perspectives and angles that hasn’t been talked about before. Above all, avoid copying someone else’s work, that’s just wrong.

By using videos in your social media marketing strategy, you are showcasing your expertise. This in turn establishes your authority in your industry and helps develop the “Know Like and Trust” factor with your ideal target market.

Over time, you will build a loyal following of people who can ultimately become not only paying clients but also a source of referrals for your business.

Go now, create videos and get your best brand-visibility foot forward to generate more leads and sales for your business.

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