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How to Create your Own Internet Radio, PodCast or WebYV Show

In 2012 when my business partner Carl proposed we create an Internet radio show to improve website ranking and traffic, I told him I though it wasn’t a good idea.  In fact, I was opposed to the effort altogether.

Reluctantly, I went along and before we knew it, our fledgling Blog Talk Radio show went from zero to hero where in four months one of our shows had 30,000 downloads in a 10-day span.  Since then our blog, which is what we use as the outline for each show, has grown to more than 1,380,000-page views and the radio show has expanded to simulcasting on YouTube and Facebook.

Our episodes have been downloaded several hundred thousand times since the show’s inception, and we have even been able to develop a formula for producing a cost-effective show for our clients. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore how we have turned our marketing efforts to produce traffic and ranking into a fun and profit-generating center for W Squared Media Group. So, tune into blog talk radio and turn on your podcast recorder as we lay out the path for Internet radio for fun and profit.

In 2012, we knew that Google liked content such as blogs, videos, podcast, WebTV and Internet radio shows because most of that type of content is unique and authoritative. We also knew that Google was looking for a quality user experience where the user would receive content that was of high quality, relevant, useful, and or entertaining. For us, Internet radio seemed a good fit as it was inexpensive to produce. In fact, the engineering console of BlogTalk Radio was easy to operate and only cost us $40 a month to rent. It gave us up to three hours of programming per-day and the controls for starting, stopping, adding sound effects, inviting participants and handling up to 50 callers per show. It was and still is a bargain. What has changed since then is that if you want to build an audience for your show, you must do most, if not all of the marketing to build your audience. More on this later.

If you’re serious about creating your own Internet broadcasting channel, you will want to learn everything you can about this subject. We have written several articles on this subject in the past. I recommend reading these blogs for additional details and as reference material.

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Hector Cisneros

Hector Cisneros is the president and COO for W Squared Media Group LLC. A digital Marketing Agency in the N.E. Florida Area. He is also the co-host of the BlogTalkRadio Show Working The Web To Win. W Squared Media also does Business as Working The Web To Win online and in Florida.