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Facebook Acquires Source3 in War Against Video Piracy

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Facebook has made a major investment in its fight against pirated content.

The social media firm has purchased Source3, a start-up specializing in intellectual property management online, with plan to use its technology to bolster Facebook’s own rights management software.

source3-logo-fullFacebook has long been trying to keep its users from sharing videos they do not own the rights to. The acquisition of Source3 will help the social network ensure intellectual property is not being shared without the content creator’s permission.

According to Recode, Facebook is acquiring both Source3’s technology as well as at least a portion of its team. Already, Source3’s social accounts have been disabled, indicating it will be fully incorporated into Facebook.

Source3 did not comment on the amount Facebook forked over to acquire the company, but the start-up’s founders said they were pleased with the deal.

“We’re excited to bring our IP, trademark and copyright expertise to the team at Facebook and serve their global community of two billion people, who consume content, music, videos and other IP every day,” the company’s founders said in a blog post.

“We feel great about this next step in our journey, and we thank everyone who helped us get to where we are today – we couldn’t have gotten this far without immense support from our investors, advisors, employees and others. We can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Now that Facebook will be better equipped to deal with content theft, it will help the social firm in its video push, enabling it to be more competitive with arch-rival YouTube.

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