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Three Top E-Mail Outreach Tools: How They Stack Up

With the right online marketing tool in your arsenal, you’ll find that sending influencer outreach isn’t as overwhelming as others make it out to be.

Others may spend countless hours on just to prepare their e-mail messages, send their replies, or manage their overall e-mail outreach campaigns, but this can be done within minutes with the right online outreach tool.

While there are truckloads of these e-mail outreach tools on the Internet, there are only a handful that can really be considered as tools that are worth your time.

We’re going to talk about three of these tools.

Sit tight as we look into the nitty gritty of three of the best e-mail outreach tools on the Internet that can help you grow your business.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Mailshake


There are a lot of good things to be said about Mailshake. For one thing, the platform’s user interface looks professional and clean and it doesn’t have a cluttered feel to it.

Mailshake has also been by used by more than 8,000 customers, and more tha eight million e-mail messages have been sent through the platform. The figures are a dead giveaway of how reliable the platform is.

Here’s how Mailshake looks from the inside.


Looking at the navigation menu on the left side of the tool, you can already picture where you should go or what you should click to access the information/features that you want.

It’s also dead-easy to create a new campaign. You just need to click the “+” sign on the lower-right part of the page; then you can enter your campaign’s title name and enter your e-mail address.




Instead of manually entering the e-mail addresses of your prospects, you can upload a CSV file with your list instead, making it easier for you to add your prospect list on the platform.


It’s also easy to create your e-mail messages through Mailshake.

Here’s how its e-mail editor looks.


After creating your e-mail message, you can then setup your outreach campaign’s succeeding actions. You can either add a reply, add a drip message, or add a message when your link is clicked.


When you’re done composing your outreach messages, then you can set up your advanced options (like when your campaign goes out, etc.).


As you can see, while the platform is very easy to use, it’s also packed with powerful features that can help simplify your e-mail outreach process.

These are several other noteworthy points that most marketers love about the platform:

  • Mailshake has a superb customer support team that replies really fast.
  • Mailshake allows its users to create pre-set follow-up e-mails. The follow-up e-mails will automatically be sent (in a few days) if the recipients do not reply to the outreach e-mails.
  • Mailshake has a plethora of pre-written outreach templates.
  • The platform automatically removes duplicates.
  • Mailshake has the mail merge feature.
  • Mailshake is VERY affordable despite the platform having remarkable features.

With all the features that the platform possesses, you’ll find it 100 percent easier to manage your e-mail outreach campaigns.

Mailshake is priced very affordably. For only $9 per user per month, you can start using Mailshake’s premium features.

2. Quickmail


Quickmail offers several features that can help their users streamline their e-mail outreach tasks. The platform allows you to create tasks, create lists, import files, add tags and labels, etc.

The dashboard gives you an overview of how your outreach efforts are turning out from a 30,000-foot perspective. You can see several reports within the page.


To add your prospects, click the “Prospect List” link, then the tool will allow you to add one person to your list, or you can add in bulk by importing your file.




It’s also very easy to create a sequence using QuickMail. Simply click the “Sequence” option on the left sidebar of the page, click “Sequence List,” then click the “Create Sequence” button.

Here’s how the page would look after you create a sequence name.


As you can see from the page alone, there are several actions you can take. You can either add an e-mail variation, add a manual variation or even add an extra step.

You can also see how the sequence is performing through the stats shown on the left side of the page.

These are just some of the many things you can do with the tool.

Quickmail offers two pricing packages:

Basic Plan: $49 per user per month or $39 per user per month for annual billing.

Pro Plan: $69 per user per month or $55 per user per month for annual billing.

3. Pitchbox


Pitchbox is an e-mail outreach tool that can be used for several types of campaigns. Here’s a screenshot of the tool’s default campaigns.


After selecting from the options, you can then start setting up your campaign by entering the details that Pitchbox will ask you.

This page will appear after you choose the Blogger Outreach Campaign.


The platform will even help you look for prospect bloggers that you can send your outreach e-mails to after you enter your keyword list on the empty “Type your keywords here” box.

Adding your e-mail templates is also easy. You just need to enter your template name, your Subject line, your message, then click Save.


Of course, if you want to Pitchbox to send follow-up e-mails, then you need to create the templates for your follow-up e-mails as well.

Once you have the template for your first e-mail attempt and e-mail follow-ups readied, then you can start setting up your e-mail sequence.

As you can see from all the features shown on the left sidebar, there is more to Pitchbox than the points that we’ve covered above. The platform has boatloads of other features that are worth exploring.

While some users can appreciate how the platform houses countless features and functions that can be used for e-mail outreach, there are also those who will find the platform a bit too overwhelming because of all the things that it can do.

Also, the platform is quite pricey compared to most e-mail outreach platforms.

Pitchbox has four pricing packages:

  • Basic – $195 per month
  • Small Business – $295 per month
  • SEO Agency – $395 per month
  • Enterprise – $1500 per month

To learn more about what each pricing tier has to offer, you can visit their pricing page.


While all three e-mail outreach tools are amazing in their own way, I’d choose Mailshake as the winner.

I find the platform’s simplistic, user-friendly, yet value-packed approach towards helping their users with their e-mail outreach tasks to be quite notable.

I appreciate how Mailshake’s developers created a tool that actually gets the job done (and then some) while infusing simplicity on their product’s design.

What’s next?

Have you used any of the three e-mail outreach tools that I mentioned? If you answered “yes,” then please share your experience with the platforms on the comments section below. Cheers!

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Elianna Hyde has been a freelance writer since 2009. She has attended the University of California and graduated with masters in mass communication. She loves watching TV shows, movies and has a keen interest in sharing her views on business and upcoming technologies.


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  • Great suggestions, Elianna! My answer is YES, I used Mailshake and Pitchbox but still have to try Quickmail so thanks for suggesting!
    Pitchbox is my, and my colleagues’, first choice because of all the options it has, it really covers a lot of our needs. Mailshake is a really great tool for bloggers and we really enjoyed using it.
    We also tested BuzzStream and Ninja Outreach along with Pitchbox and Mailshake in our massive outreach tools review, in case you wanna check out how we rate those two tools as well.

  • Informative post! I use and can’t recommend it more highly. Remail is simply the best at what they do. I have tried 3 other services before that, and settled down with remail. It perfectly automates my prospecting saving countless hours.