YouTube Merging Google Play Music, YouTube Red Services

Google is merging its Google Play Music service with YouTube Red to offer users a new way to stream their entertainment.

Although the change has been rumored for months, YouTube global head of music Lyor Cohen confirmed the upcoming merger at a conference in New York this week, as reported by The Verge. The goal, Cohen said, is to “help educate consumers and bring in new subscribers.”

YouTube RedCohen declined to go into detail about the company’s plans and no dates were revealed.

Google, in a statement, said its users would be informed before any major changes are put in place.

“Music is very important to Google and we’re evaluating how to bring together our music offerings to deliver the best possible product for our users, music partners and artists,” Google told The Verge. “Nothing will change for users today and we’ll provide plenty of notice before any changes are made.”

YouTube Red, which launched in the U.S. back in 2015, is an ad-free subscription service that offers all of YouTube’s current videos, as well as access to music streaming and exclusive content from the site’s top creators for $9.99 a month. It also offers member-only access to new, original shows and movies.

YouTube Red members receive a free subscription to Google Play Music, with access to its extensive catalog of music. The service offers free storage for up to 50,000 songs, enabling users to not only store their music, but stream or download the songs to their phone, tablet, computer or Chromecast.

The app also offers recommendations based on each individual’s taste, on-demand access to more than 35 million songs and the ability to download music to play when not connected.

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