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Facebook Will Not Take Cut of Publishers’ Instant Articles Subscription Earnings

Facebook will let publishers keep 100 percent of any subscription earnings they make on the social media site’s platform.

Instant Articles in MessengerThe news, which is music to the ears of news sites and magazines, comes as Facebook discusses with them its plans to test a paywall that would direct Instant Articles users to sign up for digital news subscriptions after hitting a maximum number of articles each month.

According to a Recode report, Facebook has no plans to take a percentage of any of those subscription earnings.

“Quality journalism costs money to produce, and we want to make sure it can thrive on Facebook,” Facebook head of news partnerships Campbell Brown told Recode. “As part of our test to allow publishers in Instant Articles to implement a paywall, they will link to their own websites to process subscriptions and keep 100 percent of the revenue.”

Brown said earlier this month that the social media firm’s new subscription service would request readers to subscribe to the news platform after reading 10 articles. Failure to subscribe would lock a reader out until the following month.

Facebook’s plans to implement a paywall as part of Instant Articles is part of the social network’s way of responding to publishers’ complaints about the company’s use of their content and the lack of benefit they receive.

Now that Facebook has announced it will not take a fee from publishers’ subscription services, it should foster better relationships with the content creators.

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