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What the Top 25 Brands on Instagram are Posting [With Free Templates]

Years ago, social media seers prophesized that Instagram would go on to become the world’s most powerful selling tool.

As of this writing it has more than 500 million active users (only nine months earlier it had 100 million less). And these are not just idle signups — 300 million of these users wield Instagram every single day.

Sponsored posts exposed to these users generate 2.8 times higher recall compared to normal online advertising standards. These users are also likely to click and purchase since 45 percent of all shopping now involves some level of mobile use, as we mentioned in an earlier post.

It seems the prediction is well on its way to becoming reality. Still, one can’t deny that Instagram’s magic doesn’t work for everyone. There are those who struggle to get attention and those who do extremely well for one reason or another.

What are those reasons? To find out what sets the successful apart from its competitors, we’ve gathered some of the most effective brands on Instagram.

Read on to learn what ways those are and how you can pull your brand up the ranks.

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