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August 14, 2017

B2B Startup Link-building: An introduction

With the Google algorithm updates of yesteryear doing battle against spammy link practices, some experts considered backlinks to be a thing of the past. On the contrary, countless studies have since shown the direct correlation between strong backlink profiles and performance in the search engines.

It can be hard to know where to start with link-building. The successful and sustainable development of a high-impact backlink profile takes time, and requires careful selection of targets. Link-building for B2B startups consists of a combination of quick wins and innovative outreach-led activities. The quick wins will form the bread and butter platform on which to build, while the innovative activities involve in-depth research, trial and error, content creation, and much more.

So what are some of the key tactics involved with link-building? What can a B2B startup do to build a good backlink profile?

Quick wins

Link-building is not always easy, but there are quick wins which are available to everybody. Firstly, study the backlink profiles of your competitors in the search engines, using a tool such as Ahrefs. This will set the benchmark, and means you can first pick-off the easy links they’ve acquired, and approach other easy backlink opportunities such as:

Directories: Local, national, and international directories still provide a decent source of easy links. Furthermore, there are directories in different vertical industries that might also be pertinent. Be aware of the paid-for and spammy directories, which should be avoided.

Testimonials: Provide testimonials to suppliers, providers and partners. These are quick and easy backlink opportunities, and create a win-win scenario for both parties.

Case studies: In a similar vein to testimonials, you can write case studies about how your company used a particular product or service. These are likely to be featured on the vendor’s website, including a link pointing to your website.

Other activities

It’s not possible to build a winning backlink profile without engaging in some more complex and in-depth activities which require more careful planning and execution.

Here are some of these tactics for your consideration:

Guest blogging: This is an approach that has been used a lot over the past few years, but still represents a great link-building opportunity. Avoid the scattergun approach, research your targets meticulously, and approach websites that will have a genuine thirst for your expertise.

Events: The online and offline worlds aren’t separate. Digital technology is intertwining yet further with everyone’s lives, and this means that real-world events get online coverage. Create an information profile page for your event, release it to the relevant press and blog sites, and submit to event directories in the pertinent fields. This will ensure a solid baseline of links that can easily (and legitimately) be attributed to keyword anchor text.

Link Reclamation: This involves discovering the websites and blogs that have already mentioned your business, and requesting that they add a link. “Broken link-building” is also an element of this, which incorporates finding links that aren’t pointing to the right destination, and either requesting a fix or suggesting your content as a suitable replacement.

There are many more opportunities for building high-quality links to your B2B startup website. It takes time, effort, and creativity to build backlinks. It requires persistence and a methodological approach.

In many cases, link-building requires the creation, optimization, and distribution of content. Successful link-builders leverage real-life relationships, and use their expertise to contribute valuable insights and collaborations with influential webmasters.

In a more detailed article, which we’ve linked to below, Oren Greenberg also features a number of inspirational B2B businesses that have constructed great backlink profiles, and digs into some of the approaches they’ve taken to acquire high-value links from authoritative websites.


Oren Greenberg is a digital marketing strategist and growth hacker based in London, where he leads the digital marketing consultancy Kurve. Ultimate Guide: Link-Building Tactics For B2B Startup Growth