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LinkedIn Launches New Video Functionality

Photo by Ben Scholzen.

If you are a LinkedIn member, you will soon be able to upload videos to the professional networking site.

linkedin-2048132_640LinkedIn video, which the Microsoft-owned firm began testing last month, offers a new way to network and start conversations.

Group product manager Pete Davies said the tool gives you another way “to share your experience and perspective.” The new functionality allows you to record a video in the app, or upload a clip recorded earlier.

With the new tool comes a dashboard offering access to insights about your video such as total views, likes and comments. The dashboard, which will be available in your profile, will be compatible with both mobile and the Web.

iOS users will be able to upload videos using the share box at the top of the feed while Android users will need to tap the post button and then the video icon.

LinkedIn video is rolling out in the “the coming weeks” to users world-wide.

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