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Some Mouthwatering SEO Tips for Content Optimization

We have all tried our hands at some SEO tips and tricks to try to optimize our content for Web search results and to bring ranking for our websites. Although high quality content will, on most of the occasions, get the job done, that same content requires final touches to make it stand out.

This technique is called content marketing. It lets your visitor come back over and over again to your website and benefit from the content therein. Coupled with optimization, it has served, for quite some time now, as one of the most commonly adopted practices to generate revenues for the business.

As stated, content marketing alone is not enough to get your target audience to read your content. If a great content is lying dormant someplace and is not exposed to your audience, what is the point in crafting a stellar piece of writing in the first place?

That is why in this blog we will highlight a few juicy SEO tips that will help you with the optimization of your content:

Play Content Marketing and SEO Side-By-Side

Content marketing and SEO are interrelated. You cannot imagine one without the other, not in the current landscape. However, experts suggest that these should be treated separately. The fact also cannot be ignored, however, that the combination of SEO and content marketing will help you garner the right audience.

This I had made a mention of in my opening paragraph and let me reiterate the same. If authentic, original content is available on your website, you should be willing to put in effort in order for the audience to read it. If they don’t find it appealing, the content won’t be read. If you are doing nothing to promote it, the content won’t be read either.

Most online business owners are aware of SEO but, if you are not, then you should start learning about it. You need to have a proper understanding of how Google really ranks your pages. If you don’t than whatever you do is bad SEO, plain and simple.

Always Spare Some Time to Structure Your URL Correctly

Once you have added useful and relevant content to your website, the next thing to embark on is a journey to include relevant internal and external links, meta descriptions and URL structures. You may not attach value to your URL but continue reading on and you will.

Keep your URLs short and sweet. The keywords targeted in them have an increased chance of showing up in Google search results as opposed to those which have longer links. It is easier when you are dealing with a WordPress website. Head over to the permalinks section and shorten your URL with that keyword or phrase in it.

Website owners fall short of this and the mistake costs them. It is not necessary to include every bit of your title in the permalinks structure.

Think Like a Searcher: Focus on Search Phrases, Not Just Keywords

Ever wish you could be an explorer like that from a Jumanji movie? Well, here you can if you begin by thinking like one. Online businesses/brands are not very good at selecting keywords. You may have heard stories about long tail keywords (read phrases) but they actually carry the nectar which most owners avoid.

It is imperative that whatever phrase you intend to target includes a location. This will further add weight to your phrase making you more discoverable locally. Keep your focus on long-tail keywords.

Focusing on broad keywords has become a trend. It is a race where one brand is looking to oust the other. However, you need to open your eyes and see that by missing out on phrases you are letting relevant (although not competitive) queries go to waste.

Studies have revealed that although, advertisers are not really into queries with long-tail keywords, these tend to result in improved conversions.

Don’t Forget To Intelligently Optimize Your Images

You cannot argue with the importance images play in this world today. For online businesses looking to market their product and services, images are crucial to its success. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy visually captivating content? Certainly, I do.

Visual content has the tendency of stimulating emotions in people. Pictures speak at a level that text cannot reach. When coupled with text, it attaches meaning to your words and your brand intent is communicated more appropriately.

The copy can only do so much but throw in some appealing, cool, vivid images in the mix and your visibility jumps to 200 percent. With social media the advantage of images propels your message to a wider audience. Don’t tell me you haven’t come across a certain brand image on all or one of the platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest?

Hence, image optimization is equally crucial. In the long-term these images will do wonders for your website/brand/business. Caption/rename your images with a proper sentence and target your keyword .

Make sure your image accompanies your text and  keywords. Google is in love with such practices. We do SEO to be in the good books of Google after all, don’t we?

In conclusion

Above are juicy tips that will lift your content, rake in traffic and will bring you leads. So if you are up for the challenge, what are you waiting on?

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  • This is one of the best blog posts I’ve read on SEO and content marketing. One question I have is, how short should an url be? Is there a preferred amount of letters? Does Google favor shorter urls? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Estupendo post.
    Desde luego el contenido de calidad es sin duda alguna el Rey del posicionamiento.
    Algunos no lo quieren ver así y siguen acumulando enlaces que además no tienen tampoco un determinado PR.
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  • On my site I believe that I should be more focused on Content Marketing. The Content is definitely good but lacks marketing.