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How Does Google Treat its Competitors?

Everyone knows that Google is the king of search engines and that Google has dozens of Internet properties and applications. But did you know that Google is also big into all kinds of hardware? Google is into creating some of the top hardware tech on the planet, and it’s looking to become a dominant player in hardware tech as well as the Internet. In this article, we will take a close look at Alphabet’s (aka Google’s) hardware tech, including driverless cars, Nexus tablets, Pixel Smartphones, ChromecastChromebooks and Google home. So, open up the notes section of your browser as we take a spyglass look into Google’s hardware divisions.

Google Driverless Cars – Google has been involved in the development of driverless cars for some time now. We originally wrote about this in 2012 in our article called “Praise the Borg and Pass the Ammunition” and again when we first wrote about Google morphing into Alphabet in our article called “Is Google Trying to Make Alphabet Soup Out of its Company?”  Today there are driverless cars using the roadways in several cities. In a recent article entitled “Ohio Is Building The Country’s Longest Driverless Car Ready Highway,” it shows how many cities in the U.S. are embracing and implementing driverless cars.
But this technology is not without problems. For example, in an article called “Products Liability and Driverless Cars: Issues and Guiding Principles for Legislation,” it talks about the issues of who is at fault when a driverless car is involved in an accident.

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