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Growbots vs. Zenprospect: Which Lead Generation Tool Can Grow Your Business

You’re at your wit’s end.

You’ve been trying to scale your lead generation efforts for quite some time now, yet the only thing you’ve managed to do so far is mess up your sales funnel.

* sigh *

Your newsletters are getting sent to the wrong list.

You’re seeing duplicate customer profiles on your database.
What’s worse, the people unsubscribing to your list has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights due to how messed up your lead generation workflow has become.

At this point, I know that you’re just about ready to hang up your gloves. However, don’t give up just yet, will you?

If you’re struggling with scaling your lead generation efforts, then allow me to share with you two of the best lead generating tools on the market.

I’m talking about Growbots and Zenprospect, of course.

We’re going to look into how both tools stack up against each other using different categories.

That way, you’ll have a better idea of which tool would work best for your business.

Let’s hop right in.

Brief intro of both tools:

Image Courtesy of: Growbots Youtube

Growbots is an AI based platform that helps its users generate hundreds of potential customers in a matter of minutes. The tool has a couple of automation and customization features that enable its users to scale their lead generation efforts, all while adding a level of personalization to their users’ outreach messages (among other things).

The company has experienced a whopping 1,200 percent growth back in 2016 and is backed by some of the most innovative investors.

Growbots is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies with more than 80 skilled professionals on its team.

Image Courtesy of: Rodrigo Fuentes

Zenprospect puts your entire sales team on steroids.

Whether you’re a sales leader, sales rep, or an account executive, you can use the platform to automate and optimize a good bit of your tasks.

The platform has several nifty features to it like Gmail integrations, prospecting, dialers, or predictive insights (among other things).

Zenprospect has 11 to 15 employees according to its Linkedin profile and has served countless customers worldwide.

User Friendliness

Here’s how Growbot’s system looks:

Image Courtesy of: Growbots Youtube

And this is how Zenprospect’s platform looks:

Image Courtesy of: Rodrigo Fuentes

I appreciate how Growbots shows its categories readily to users without requiring them to click as many submenus.

This bit is crucial since some users aren’t as familiar with the language used on both platforms.

For example, the users of Zenprospect who’d like to target people who are using certain tools online wouldn’t know that they can find what they’re looking for under the “Web Technologies” sub menu.

Growbots, on the other hand, doesn’t require their users to do much clicking to see the filters or categories.

They can see everything readily just by scrolling up and down the “Edit Project” menu.

Customer Support

Both companies are doing such an excellent great job with providing support to their customers.

No matter which reviews sites you go to, the users have nothing but good things to say about how both companies are on point with their support, and how their customer support teams are very responsive.

The Tool’s Efficacy

Instead of spending countless hours (and cash) setting up your lead capturing mechanics to establish a database of highly targeted people, Growbots can do this for you in minutes.

This helps the users save time and money that they otherwise would have spent just trying to build their database.

Not only that, but when it comes to sending e-mails, automatic rescheduling and setting up your auto replies, everything becomes a breeze with Growbots.

In fact, when sending outreach messages within the platform, you can find several customization features that you can use to automate or schedule your messages.

Image Courtesy of: Growbots Youtube

Zenprospect’s output when it comes to creating a database of targeted profiles isn’t bad either.

I did some digging on several other sites to see what other users are saying about Zenprospect and what I found was quite interesting.

Zenprospect has a 9.1 rating (based on 22 reviews) when it comes to meeting their user’s requirements. That’s not bad at all, considering how Growbots has a 9.2 rating (based on 29 reviews).

One of the things you can appreciate about Zenprospect’s outreach features is you can see your e-mail’s preview on the same page where you’re creating your message.

Image Courtesy of: Rodrigo Fuentes

Unlike Growbots, however, Zenprospect doesn’t have the scheduling feature on its “Edit Template” page.


Both platforms have extensive reporting tools. They allow their users to set up a plethora of filters to help them come up with the data they need to be able to make smarter business decisions.

The way both platforms set up their reporting features is very different, however.

This is how Growbot’s User Interface looks.

Image Courtesy of: Growbots Youtube

While this is how Zenprospect’s UI looks.

Image Courtesy of: Rodrigo Fuentes


I’d choose Growbots to be the winner of this comparison.

Despite the tool possessing truckloads of nifty features that can help companies with generating laser focused leads, their developers have managed to simplify the way their tool works; it isn’t overwhelming at all.

Growbots also frequently releases new features, which tells me that the tool yet continues to evolve despite how much they’ve already accomplished.

Some of the other points worth mentioning about what makes Growbots amazing is the fact that it has a self-updating database, it helps automate your list generation efforts, and it optimizes your results automatically based on the kind of response you’re getting from your leads.

It’s also worth noting that other review sites are giving Growbots a better rating compared to Zenprospect.


Care to Share?

What are some of the lead generation challenges that you’re facing?
Are you caught up with establishing your database of highly targeted callers?

Or are you at the phase where you’re setting up your outreach campaigns so you can start really converting your audience into paying customers?

However near (or far) you’ve traveled the lead generation journey, you are more than welcome to share your tips in the comments section below.

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