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Instagram Users Can Now Share Posts Directly to Facebook

Facebook-owned Instagram is testing a new feature that enables you to post Instagram stories to Facebook straight from its app.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.32.36 AMSome Instagram users have tweeted about the change that, apparently, enabled them to share image and video stories to Facebook prior to posting on Instagram. Once posted, they appear in the Stories section, but will have an “Instagram” label under the creator’s name.

The new feature is an obvious bid by the social networking firm to bolster Facebook Stories, which users, thus far, have largely ignored. Many have even expressed disdain for the feature.

Whether this move will finally get people interested in Facebook Stories remains to be seen.

Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, captures your daily photos and videos in a slideshow format. The images are not published to your profile. Instead, they disappear after 24 hours has elapsed. You can respond directly to a friend’s story with a direct message as well as add selfie filters or geofilters to photos and videos.

Facebook began testing Facebook Stories in its mobile app back in January.

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  • When Instagram is linked to facebox, it will be more useful. Because Instagram found it only post pictures on the phone is fine. It’s my computer to install addon