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September 15, 2017

4 Innovative Tools for Driving Increased Sales

“Make a customer, not a sale.”

— Katherine Barchetti, former retail mogul and owner of K. Barchetti Shops

In the world of business, the art of selling is the only art that matters. And yet it’s by far the hardest skill to master.

The challenge in this practice lies in the obvious simplicity; everyone needs customers to succeed. That simplicity is greatly misleading, however, as this is anything but easy.

We see this all across the world of business; there’s a huge predominance of ineffective sales efforts. For example, 44 percent of salespeople fail to follow up with prospects after a single contact.

That’s not how a brand gains a loyal following.

Fortunately, business owners don’t have to rely solely on apathetic sales reps, or even their own infallible minds. Technology is here to help.

In today’s world, entrepreneurs can employ a variety of tactics such as social selling and PPC advertising.

But most brands still need to go beyond these routine practices to generate leads and sales. What is needed is powerful tools and platforms that help businesses get the required cash flow to remain successful.

If you’re in the market for some new sales tools, then keep reading. Here are four innovative tools to generate more sales, today.

1. Meme Video

One of the most prolific ways of generating leads comes in the form of digital marketing campaigns that incorporate a variety of compelling elements like adverts, assorted forms of content, e-mails, and other popular lead and sales drivers.

What can be rather challenging, however, is managing these creatives in a streamlined and effective way that enables a business to understand the impact a campaign is producing.

That’s where Meme Video comes into play.

Meme Video is an innovative self-service solution to managing marketing materials such as video content, display ads, social media shares, and a variety of other video-based elements.

Meme Video’s ad network leverages proprietary software and machine learning technology to deliver powerful video advertising campaigns to relevant audiences by allowing brands to tailor crucial demographic information such as gender, age, economic status, and other personal details.

Additionally, Meme Video gives users the option to customize campaign specifics such as platforms, verticals and various other elements.

Outside of campaign management, Meme Video provides access to a robust set of competitive analysis features that enables brands to uncover rival advertising strategies as a way of topping competitor efforts.

And, of course, no such platform would be complete without a hearty set of analytics features. Meme Video supplies users with live reporting features so that a campaign can be monitored and adjusted in real-time.

The platform’s analytics set also includes benchmark reports, comparison charts, recommendations, customizable dashboards and many other valuable features.

2. Engage

One of the single biggest components to making a sale is having an engaged prospect. Without engagement, you can almost guarantee that they won’t become a customer.

To help engage potential clients and customers, Engage offers a way to interact with website visitors in real-time via an HTML5, browser-based interface.

Through this interface, sales representatives can connect with Web-based visitors from a central location via live text, audio, or video chat.

Through this platform, sales people can track conversations, monitor performance analytics, and manage their online status.

While live chat technology may not exactly be innovative, what makes Engage special is that the platform provides sales reps with the ability to personalize consumer experiences via its re-engagement technology.

This service enables the same agent that a visitor talked to on a previous visit to be tapped again; an important feature for relationship development. No matter if the last conversation took place two hours or two months ago, this element delivers important personalization to the sales process.

Additionally, Engage allows business owners to employ various engagement widgets on the company website. For instance, visitors can select a representative they feel they would be most comfortable speaking with for a list of live team members.

The last helpful feature is this: Engage works across desktops, tablets, and Smartphones, meaning that your brand will never miss a sales opportunity.


As mentioned earlier, nearly half of all sales reps only follow up with prospects once. That kind of behavior leaves a lot of money and potential loyalty on the table.

Since this is the reality of many sales departments, your company may want to consider employing a service like

This platform is essential for any business busy chasing leads and forming relationships. connects directly to your Gmail account and provides you with a plethora of prospect information and email-related abilities.

This tools tracks e-mail opens, automatically sends follow up e-mails when you don’t receive a response, enables users to send e-mails at a later time or date, and can create e-mail reminders easily and intuitively.

Each time an e-mail is opened, users are presented with the contact’s info, any reminders attached to them, and any data the tool could pull from online sources such as company information. To set a reminder, simply BCC using a time or date such as or

Additionally, users can manage all of their reminders via Google calendar, which makes for a seamless and integrated experience.

4. Promo by Slidely

This is one of my favorite tools right now not only because of the incredible boom in video content (which makes video creation a necessity) but because of the simplicity this platform touts.

Promo capitalizes on the fact that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video by making video ad creation the simplest it’s ever been.

The most novice of marketers and video producers can create stunning video ads with Promo’s simplistic yet effective editing features. Plus, there is no need for original creative assets; this service houses around two million high-quality video footage clips, thanks to its partnership with Getty Images. These clips are all easily searchable by various categories and subcategories.

Promo also features tons of licensed music so that advertisers can create the perfect ambiance for their videos.

The type of professional grade adverts that come out of the Promo platform are magnificent at driving sales for a brand.

You are only as effective as the tools you employ. If you know your business well, you can easily identify where the gaps are in performance. Whatever it is you see as necessary for success, there’s a tool for that. You just have to know where to look.

Which of these tools is your favorite? Have you tried any of them before and if so, what was your experience?


Conscious online marketer, web executive, and multi-faceted writer Tina Courtney has been creating and fostering online innovations since 1996. Tina has assisted many clients in maximizing online production and marketing efforts, and is a staff writer for SiteProNews, one of the Web’s foremost webmaster and tech news blogs. She’s produced and marketed innovative content for major players like Disney and JDate, as well as boutique startups galore, with fortes including social media, SEO, influencer marketing, community management, lead generation, and project management. Tina is also a certified Reiki practitioner, herbalist, and accomplished life coach.  Learn more on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Visit My Google+ Profile