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September 21, 2017

Is E-Mail Marketing Better Than Social Media Marketing?

Since the inception of social media, e-mail marketing versus social media marketing has become a hot topic for marketers all over the world, and the vintage, tried-and-tested e-mail marketing disappeared into the horizon. While it is true that social media is the platform where virtually all your target customers reside, the growth in Smartphone usage has put e-mail marketing in a new light. Even today, if you open your inbox, you will see hundreds of e-mails sent to you by a large number of companies. Why do they still do that? Because in the recent years, e-mail marketing has become more relevant and important than ever before.

There is no denying the fact that social media is an amazing tool to build a brand reputation for the company that deeply resonates with the consumer psyche, but it is still e-mail marketing that generates leads and sales for a majority of organizations. E-mail marketing is still the primary business source for many businesses worldwide.

The reasons why e-mail marketing is way ahead of the marketing game are :

1. Better customization

There is a rule of thumb that marketers follow when they have to reach their target audiences: Be as specific as possible. E-mail marketing enables marketers to do just that. It is the most customized and specific way to communicate with your target audiences. You can customize your e-mail and segment lists to the point that it makes your audience feel that the e-mail was personally handcrafted for them. This level of personalization goes a long way in increasing the conversion rates. With e-mail marketing, you can customize the subject of your e-mails, the time you send it, the regularity of the e-mails, your tone of voice, designs, call-to-actions, etc. You can use the use the consumer information and segment them to specifics, based on their demographics, attendance history, booking data, and even personal taste and preferences. For example, if your customer is a professional businessman, and is used to a formal tone in writing and speech, you can target him/her by sending an e-mail in a formal tone, and at the same time, you can target their children in an informal tone, based on their taste and preferences. By this, you can target each member of a family, and at least one of them is bound to respond in some way or another.

2. You can track their responses

The best part about e-mail marketing is that you can track the response of your audiences and react according to it. This gives you a lot of insight about not only your e-mail marketing campaign but other marketing factors, such as user experience too. For example, if you send a customized automated e-mail to your target audiences, and the customers click through but don’t stay on your website for too long, it tells you that there might be a serious concern with your user experience model. This feature of e-mail marketing gives you the power to rectify any mistakes you might have made on your overall marketing campaign.

3. E-mail marketing works wonderfully with SEO

Search engine optimization is a constant battle that marketers keep fighting all over the world. The fight is to get the maximum domain authority possible. And e-mail marketing can help you do that too. With e-mail marketing, you can link your websites, your blogs, and other content to your user through e-mail. In addition to this, many marketers also use e-mail marketing as a tool to promote their content amongst the users and maintain the visibility of their brand. E-mail marketing can be efficiently optimized to generate a great amount of on-site optimization from your users.


While no one can take away the vitality of social media in marketing, it cannot reach the level of personalization, lead conversion and collaborative functioning that e-mail marketing provides. So, it is worth considering reallocating some of the time you spend on updating your accounts on social media to e-mail marketing. You will reap the benefits of it.


Anthony Bergs (@AnthonyBergs) is a project manager at writers per hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations into the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections feel free connect him on G+.