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How to Build Customer Relationships with Cloud Telephony

What is Cloud Telephony System?

While the entire digital space has moved to the cloud, more innovative cloud solutions and services are arriving, thus strengthening the way in which businesses and users utilize the immense capabilities of cloud storage. Cloud telephony, as the name suggests, is a cloud phone system mostly used by businesses. It includes all the capabilities of a normal telephone system including voicemail and messaging services. The biggest benefit of deploying a cloud telephony system for your business is automation of all communication processes between vendors, partners, prospects, and customers thus reducing the time and efforts. Cloud Telephony is especially useful for building customer relationships which will, in turn, be highly beneficial for the growth of any business.

How Cloud Telephony System helps in Customer Relationship:

Below are five reasons that briefly explain how cloud telephony helps build customer relationships:

1.  Customer support at affordable cost:

While large companies invest extensively in dedicated call centres to foster better relationships with customers, the same cannot be expected from small business due to budget constraints. This is where a cloud telephony system will act as an effective replacement for a call centre since the IVR in the cloud telephony system will provide self-service to callers and will lead the customers to the right help. This will leave customers satisfied and they will regard you as highly professional.

2.  Helps build a brand image:

When a single person is responsible for handling large call flow, it becomes difficult to provide good service consistently. A cloud telephony system, on the other hand, eliminates dropped or unattended calls and provides consistent service that customers will grow to appreciate. This directly leads to strengthening of the company’s brand value and building a good reputation.

3.  Availability:

Unlike human representatives, your cloud telephony service will run 24-seven — even when you’re travelling, on holidays, etc. This high availability will appeal to your customers and will ensure that the business will be running no matter what. You will stay connected with thousands of your customers at all times through fully automated voicemail and text messages that will make customers feel valued and they, in turn, will trust you more.

4.  Cloud Telephony is Flexible and Adaptable:

A virtual phone system can be used from any device powered by an Internet connection like a personal computer, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone. The system works on cloud, so it is very flexible and comes with easy to use UI.

5.  Very Low or no Downtime:

Since your phone system is now working on the cloud, you and your customers need not worry about downtimes. Even if downtime occurs, it will probably occur for a short while and is easily fixed before you become available again. Since phone support is forever available, you can be connected with your clients 24-7.

Bottom line:

Cloud telephony is especially beneficial and highly recommended for small businesses. There are numerous other benefits apart from the ones mentioned above; like minimization of hardware cost, third-party support and management of your cloud telephony software, etc. Another important benefit of using cloud telephony is access to smart call management features that you cannot get on ordinary telephone systems. You can also connect mobile devices to the cloud and avail the service on many devices at once. Its flexibility, features, and cost effectiveness makes cloud telephony is an indispensable part of customer-centric businesses today.

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