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How to Approach Your Clients About Content Marketing (Effectively)

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You know the power of content marketing. You’ve probably seen it for yourself.

You don’t need convincing. You know, without a doubt, it’s a smart investment for any business, no matter its scale.

It’s powerful, it works, and it creates brand loyalty. So, why are some businesses still not taking advantage?

Why are some of your clients hanging back? And how do you get them to see the light of day?

It’s time to answer both questions.

Why Some Biz Owners Are Still Stuck in the ’80s

Content marketing isn’t really a new idea, but it has only been trending for about a decade:


It’s been around since well before 2004, but with the advent of Google, this marketing technique has been able to take off in ways nobody saw coming.

Look at us right here at Express Writers, for example: With zero PPC ads, zero investors, and zero paid marketing, we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds. That includes new and returning clients. That includes leads, conversions, and sales. In fact, we regularly serve thousands of customers and write hundreds of pages of content weekly.

Without major investors backing us up, without advertisements leading prospects to our doors, how did we do it?  With content marketing.

Needless to say, its success is proven. We’re that proof.

Despite the obvious, however, some businesses are still lagging behind. They haven’t jumped on the content marketing bandwagon yet, and they’re missing out on solid gold opportunities.

If you work with any of these types of clients, especially brick-and-mortars, you know how hard it is to make them budge from their position. Their feet are stuck firmly in the mud. It’s dried like cement and they refuse to even try to get moving.

How do you coax them to move? How do you approach them and convince them about the value of content for their bottom line?

The Right Approach for Turning Clients onto Content Marketing

You can convince clients stuck in the past to get excited about content marketing. Here’s how to get them on board for a better future.

1. Explain Content Marketing in Plain Language

The best way to convince anyone about anything, ever, is to use the most persuasive language. That means keeping the message simple, to-the-point and impactful.

The most impactful message for a business owner who needs a fresh marketing approach will come from a place they understand. Start there, then branch out and show them a better way. Frame content marketing as an alternative to a strategy they’re familiar with: traditional advertising.

They know how advertising works. It’s about the company and what the company offers. List common examples, like TV commercials, magazine ads, and banner ads on websites.

Then, pivot to content marketing. It’s not about the company, it’s about the audience, but it provides the same results over time as traditional ads.

Keep the language simple. Don’t throw in technical references to keyword density, search engine optimization, or backlinks. These are immaterial to the business owner who won’t see the inner workings of the endeavor.

Instead, make sure your client has a picture of content marketing springing from a place they understand. Then, launch into concrete examples.

2. Show and Tell

It’s time to back up your assertions that content marketing is awesome and a good idea for your client.

Come prepared with examples of successful companies who have turned content into gold for their businesses.

We have a great example here: One piece of content was a stand-out star that got us huge returns.

It went like this:

I put out content not just here on the Write Blog, but also across the web. One continual guest-column I write is for SiteProNews.


Long story short: Because of one article I wrote there, a contact reached out to EW. He wanted our expertise in his corner to grow his authority and brand reach. We negotiated a sale that ended up being worth $5,000.

Yep. One high-quality piece of content turned into an ROI of thousands of dollars. That, my friends, is the power of content marketing, and a fantastic example for any client hemming-and-hawing about costs versus benefits.

Need more proof? Cite one of these big businesses that regularly put out stellar content marketing:

  • Ben & Jerry’s – Its blog covers lots of topics, from the obvious (ice cream) to the quirky and socially-conscious. It all fits right into their brand identity.


  • Birchbox – The magazine provides beauty guides highlighting the products in their subscription service.
  • Blue Apron – The Blue Apron blog features recipes, insider information, book reviews, and cooking tips and tricks. This helps customers get the most out of their food deliveries.
  • Airbnb – Detailed city guides and features on culture, art, and cuisine from all over the world: It’s how Airbnb builds authority and trust with their huge following.


3. Cover Key, Convincing Points

Now that your client understands exactly what content marketing entails, it’s time to share why they should want to dive in for their own brand.

Give them these three great reasons:

  • Your perfect audience will discover you –  Forget about reaching out to find your perfect customers. Instead, with good content marketing, they’ll find you.
  • You’ll increase your sales with existing customers – Content marketing builds trust with your audience. This means your existing customers will become more likely to make more purchases with you. They’ll return because you’ll be offering them value on many different levels.
  • You’ll reduce your marketing costs and invest funds more wisely – Content marketing will give you results that compare to traditional advertising, but in most cases, it will cost less money. It’s an alternative to funneling funds into costly ad campaigns that focus on shoveling your message down consumer’s throats. Instead, you’ll be attracting them through their own volition.

Help Your Clients Move into 21st-Century Marketing

You know how great content marketing is. Now it’s time to convince your most hesitant clients, once and for all.

Employ these tactics to help present a compelling case for content marketing. Pretty soon, it will start speaking for itself. You just have to nudge wishy-washy biz owners and old-fashioned brick-and-mortars in the right direction.

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