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The Best SEO Tools for Different Needs

“What gets measured gets improved.”

Peter Drucker, American management consultant, educator, and author

In the realm of digital tools and services, an increasing number of marketing and business platforms tout themselves as “all-in-one” or “one-stop-shop” solutions.

The reason behind the surge is obvious: Businesses seek a streamlined, inexpensive approach to handling a variety of tasks. This becomes especially true in the complex world of search engine optimization. Some even seek out these kinds of comprehensive tool kits purely because SEO is a convoluted and intricate space.

While this sounds ideal, there’s one big problem with this line of rationale: No all-in-one tool can reach the level of sophistication that a tool with a singular focus can.

Think about it this way: There is no pocket knife that touts 32 attachments which has a single tool that is better than one that conquered a single task. If you plan to diversify your offerings, you do so by taking away resources from a single aspect that could become highly refined if it were the sole focus of creation.

That said, you can’t have a single tool for every last need your business has. Instead, I advocate breaking down the most critical tasks you conquer, finding the best individual tools to solve those issues, and then consolidating the rest in other tools as they are less crucial.

Leaning into that notion, today we will be exploring the best SEO tools the industry has to offer for these three key SEO focuses:

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Content marketing

Killer Keyword Research – SEMrush

Despite the fact the Google Hummingbird has altered keyword research in profound ways, it is still a vital ingredient to a stellar SEO recipe.

While Google’s Keyword Planner can get the job done, it doesn’t touch the depth and breadth of SEMrush.

SEMrush provides a comprehensive keyword overview by uncovering short- and long-tailed keywords along with data on organic traffic and PPC. What makes this particularly impressive is that users can acquire this information for more than 130 different countries around the globe, enabling brands to break into international markets.

SEMrush supplies its keyword researchers with powerful data regarding the number of searches specific terms receive, the number of results for said keyword, a competitive overview of phrases, related keywords, and CPC AdWords pricing data.

Moreover, users can also uncover the top organic and paid results for the keywords entered.

In short, this tool gives you all the keyword data you could possibly need to boost your strategy and site to new heights.

Best in Link Building – Pitchbox

There’s currently a bit of a divide in the SEO community (what else is new?) over the status of link building. Some believe it to be alive and well while others argue that link building is dead.

Considering that Google revealed links as one of its top three ranking factors, I’m inclined to believe link building is still critical to a great SEO strategy. It’s important to remember, however, that the quality and relevance of those links is paramount.

When it comes to link building, few tools can hold up to Pitchbox.

While Pitchbox isn’t a SEO tool per se, it is one hell of an outreach platform; and if you’re going to build fruitful links and relationships, you’re going to need to do a lot of outreach. Seriously, like, a ton of it.

Using this powerful outreach platform makes the process infinitely easier than conducting the same tasks manually.

Pitchbox enables users to find publishers, bloggers, influencers, and other desirable connections in expedient fashion and reach out to them with customized e-mail sequences designed to be attention-grabbers.

A real treat that this tool offers its community is the various campaign types that cater to a specific level and type of prospecting. In this area, Pitchbox currently offers:

  • Blogger Outreach: Pitchbox unearths relevant articles and blogs based on entered keywords.
  • Advanced Search: This is the same as Blogger Outreach but enables users to refine their search through advanced filters.
  • Product Reviews: Based on keywords entered, Pitchbox will located websites that write product reviews.
  • Hot Off the Press: Based on the keywords entered, a list of blogs written within the past 24 hours is produced.
  • Competitor Backlinks: Pitchbox leverages Majestic (another powerful SEO tool) to locate competitor’s backlink data.
  • And several other valuable campaign options.

Making this process even more savvy, Pitchbox utilizes filters from Moz and Majestic to eliminate any low-authority sites so that you target only the best possibilities.

Pitchbox also helps users uncover contact info for each potential contact and pulls the data into the campaign, making customized outreach a breeze.

Content Marketing Champion – Squirrly

Content marketing is such a fundamental aspect of SEO that we can’t talk about one without mentioning the other.

And while content is a critical part of ranking well, what is more important is creating optimized content for SEO purposes.

That’s where the WordPress plugin, Squirrly, becomes a powerful weapon.

Even marketing legends like Neil Patel have called this tool, “. . . more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.”

This tool enables users to write highly optimized content that performs well with people and Google bots.

Users begin by entering a keyword they wish to optimize their article for. Squirrly then provides information to help you determine if the phrase is a worthy pursuit or should be reconsidered.

After selecting a keyword, the plugin will then supply users with a database of relevant, copyright-free pictures to use in their content.

As you proceed to edit your article, Squirrly’s optimization checklist sections turn green as you reach an appropriate level of optimization. When all the items turn green, you’re ready to publish a piece that will perform well with your audience and in the SERPs.

Various users from across different industries have reported that this tool boosted their number of readers by a whopping 285 percent, making this engine a must for any SEO toolkit.

If you are tired of dealing with all-in-one solutions that provide subpar features in every area, consider revising your suite of tools to include ones that specialize in specific arenas. It’s quite possible that you will see a vast improvement in your SEO performance.

Do you plan on trying any of these tools? Which do you think would be most beneficial to your brand?

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  • I’m using SEMRUSH trial version & it’s the best but the price is a little high. Can I get a little discount for the PRO package?


  • Nice – hadn’t heard of Squirrly. Sounds similar to WebTextTool? I initially had good results with WTT but ultimately cancelled due to getting the same functionally (and more, actually) with Yoast Pro.

    Thanks for the tool reviews, can’t wait to give squirrly a go 🙂

  • Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours these days. I truly appreciate people like you!

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  • I do agree that those all-in-one tools are not worth the cost. What interests me from this list is the link building tool Pitchbox, because I`ll need good links all the time to reach my audience from several platforms.

  • Hi Tina,

    Your post deals with breaking the myth where people (including me) purchase packaged tool for the economical reasons, thereby compromising on the quality aspect. Your post about specialised tools is an eye opener for me where we don’t really have to compromise on the work. Thanks

  • Thanks for providing us information on SEO tools. I came across your blog and I must say you have done a great work. The posts are quite interesting so I bookmarked your blog right away.

  • Your post deals with breaking the myth where people (including me) purchase packaged tool for the economical reasons, thereby compromising on the quality aspect. Your post about specialised tools is an eye opener for me where we don’t really have to compromise on the work. Thanks