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October 5, 2017

Google Wants to Provide All of Your Hardware, Software and AI Needs

The big news out of Google Wednesday may have been its new line of Pixel phones, but the company also launched a new lineup of hardware, software and artificial intelligence products to meet all of your technological needs.

Google not only wants to provide your Smartphones and laptops, it also want to run your Smart home and provide your entertainment. The company, at a special event Wednesday, unveiled its second generation line of Google-made products: its new Pixel phones (which you can read about here), Google Home Mini and Max, an all new Pixelbook, Google Clips hands-free camera, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset.

“We’ve designed and built our latest hardware products around a few core tenets. First and foremost, we want them to be radically helpful. They’re fast, they’re there when you need them, and they’re simple to use,” Google senior vice-president of hardware Rick Osterloh said in a blog post. “Second, everything is designed for you, so that the technology doesn’t get in the way and instead blends into your lifestyle. Lastly, by creating hardware with AI at the core, our products can improve over time. They’re constantly getting better and faster through automatic software updates. And they’re designed to learn from you, so you’ll notice features—like the Google Assistant—get smarter and more assistive the more you interact with them.”

Here’s a look at the new lineup:

  • Google Home Mini — This $79 device brings Google’s Assistant to your home and can answer questions, give weather forecasts, issue reminders and control every Smart device throughout your house.
  • Google Home Max — Although not available for purchase as yet (sign up here for the waitlist) this Google Home device is also powered by the Assistant. It offers AI-based Smart Sound and has the ability to adapt your audio experience to suit both your environment and preferences.
  • Pixelbook — The laptop, which can convert to a tablet, boasts a 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen display. It runs on the Chrome OS, is powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and has plenty of RAM. It’s the “first laptop with the Assistant built in, and the Pixelbook Pen makes the whole experience even smarter.”
  • Pixel Buds — The earbuds offer touch controls and, of course, the Assistant can be accessed with a tap. They can even help you communicate in another language.
  • Daydream View — This mobile virtual reality (VR) headset offers an economical VR experience at just $139.
  • Google Clips — This lightweight, hands-free camera is powered by machine learning and AI and allows you to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. The device then sends clips to your phone, and can edit and curate them for you. It is coming soon to the U.S. for $249.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.