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October 9, 2017

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy That Keeps Up With Technology

In this digital transformation era, websites are great contributors to a company’s success. However, a site does not need to be just aesthetically pleasing; it has to provide solutions to customers in a fast and seamless manner. For the past few years now, companies have relied on producing original and informative content as well as inbound marketing as their core ways of attracting high web traffic to their websites. However, with the digital transformation, great and informative content alone is not enough. A company’s website design is the new ingredient of success for a business’ digital presence.

The current trending website designs are those that inspire trust in their visitors and surpass their design expectations. They are, therefore, effortlessly attracting Web traffic on the Internet, which is ultimately leading to an increase in leads, hence customers.

Implementation of responsive design

From the recent change in Google’s ranking algorithm, sites are now being ranked according to how often they optimize their content. Website designers will now design websites that are more flexible to allow their contents optimization, making them accessible to different devices.

Developers build responsive website designs on flexible grids and CSS media queries to create a dynamic, single site, which re-jigs and adjusts its content for better display on devices of various sizes. One of the things that make responsive design the best trend for 2017 is that you pay for the single site, and you are sure to deliver content to devices from small sized to big ones.

Currently, people are using mobile devices to search on Google more frequently than they are on computers. Furthermore, Google has also made mobile friendliness a major factor in ranking websites well in search engine results. Therefore, if your company’s website is mobile-friendly, you will have the advantage of reaching out to all those using cellphones and being ranked well in search engine results — and that means increased traffic.

Interactive content

Interactive content cuts across all marketing bodies. It focuses on the users’ experience and ensures there is an engagement with active participation. It adds effects on assessments, animated graphics and all marketing tools to ensure that your brand receives connection. These connections make it easy to turn a one-time visitor into all-time brand loyalists.


Website designers are now looking at making information more accessible from one point by designing ultra-minimalistic multiple cards. The multiple cards represent a topic, and they are tantalizing enough for a visitor to click. Website visitors like simple de-cluttered webpages, with visually explained topics, and easy navigation features. Therefore, if you employ this trend on your site, visitors will stay longer on your site, your website traffic will increase, you will be ranked higher by Google search engine. Ultimately, you will get more leads.

Clutter free simple homepages with big, bold and beautiful typography

A clean and simple homepage characterized by a conspicuous and eye-catching typography catches the attention of users immediately when they visit your website. At the same time, it profoundly conveys a message. Many site developers are now shifting toward the use of dynamic colors and feel by incorporating vibrant fonts. The aim of all of these is to ensure that no site visitor fails to notice a core brand message on your site. The result will be an increase in website leads and, hence, customers.

Visual content

The human brain processes information 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, when strategizing about direct mail marketing, it’s important to put in consideration of the visuals. People need to see clarity in everything. When you ensure that your concise dissemination of information has the qualities required for perfect visuals, then your strategy is up to standard. However, the right visuals, enhances feeling and emotions. Additionally, visuals make it easy to establish your business identity within the digital market.


With the above digital trends, it’s easy to take your digital marketing to the next level. However, it depends on you and the way you will utilize technology to get connections with your customers and potential customers.


Jason Phillips is a business writer and blogger. He has written several high quality articles. He also works for 247 Web Experts offering website designing and internet marketing services.