Amazon Alexa Can Now Recognize Users’ Voices

Alexa will soon be able to recognize your voice.

Amazon Echo

Amazon is launching the new feature this week and it will be available to all users of the eCommerce king’s digital assistant by week’s end.

Voice recognition will give Alexa the ability to not only know who is talking to her but to offer up customized results based on the user. That means each member of your household will receive personalized results when speaking to Alexa.

If Alexa is unable to recognize the voice speaking to her, the digital assistant will simply go back to the default Alexa experience.

To set up voice recognition, go to the ‘Your Voice’ section in the app’s settings. The app will ask you to say multiple phrases in order to register your voice in Alexa’s “brain.” Once you’ve completed the instructions, Alexa will be able to distinguish your voice from others.

Your voice recognition will then be stored in the cloud so that Alexa can recognize it no matter what Alexa-run device you happen to use.

Voice recognition will work with shopping, Amazon Music, sending and receiving messages and Flash Briefing.

You can see an in-depth tutorial video here.

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