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3 Killer Tactics to Get Visitors to Your Website

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Want to get visitors to your site? If the answer is yes, read on to learn the tactics you need to get ahead.  Enticing visitors to your site is not as hard as you may think, but it does take the right knowledge and tactics.

There are three tactics to get visits (called 3P’s):

1. You can pull visitors to your website (Pull);

2. Push visitors to your website (Push);

3. Or use your product for visits (Product).

1. Getting visits to your site (Tactics Pull)

This tactic is used to bring customers to your site by offering them something they want: freebies, great discounts or something to reward them for their visit.

For example, if you decided to open an eCommerce business you could pull customers in with discount coupons.

Some of way to market these tactics include:

  • Blogging or guest blogging;
  • Podcasting or guest podcasting;
  • eBooks or guides;
  • Infographics;
  • Webinars;
  • Power Point presentations;
  • SEO;
  • Social media promotions via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn;
  • Contests;
  • Word of mouth promotions.

2. Push visits to your site (Tactics Push)

Push tactics are a little more aggressive. Push tactics means marketers are taking the product directly to the customers to make the customers aware of them. This simply means marketer go out and find the right customer and push the product. An example might be an announcement while customers wait for a YouTube video to load or an AdWords ad that appears at the top of their search results.

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful ways to build your Internet business due to the enormous amounts of traffic they can help you generate. Tons of businesses are heading onto the most popular social networking site in the world, which has half a billion users and counting.  By executing well-thought out Facebook ad tactics, you have an advantage over your competitors — you can directly connect with thousands of targeted customers and generate active leads quickly.

Another way to push people toward your site is by utilizing affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are the best opportunity you have to begin an online business that will grow and evolve at a rapid speed, increasing your sales.

Cross promotions is another one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Here are some ways to jump-start your first cross-promotion:

  • Add your partner’s business name, logo, contact information to your website and allowing them to do the same with yours;
  • Mention your partners in social media postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest;
  • Send out a joint promotional e-mail or postcard;
  • Give a joint interview to local media;
  • Giveaway Swap;
  • Article/Blog Swapping.

3. Using your product

The third option, personally, is the one I’m most passionate about. It uses the product to automatically distribute. That is, the product involved in its own distribution and generating new visits.

If you have invited your friends to join Facebook, Pinterest or any other social network you have already experienced this tactic.

Tactics to attract new customers include:

• Integrations with Social Networks: It is about making your product work through integration with social platform, for example Airbnb’s integration with Craigslist to attract customers.

• Incentives: The best example is that of Dropbox, but there are many other businesses that also use this tactic. Bitbucket is one of them. With this method,  users can invite friends and thereby earn users for their projects.

• Adding Hyperlinks: One of the product tactics to attract new customers is adding hyperlinks inside of your product. In the WordPress theme a link to its site is always included.

• Invite more people via Phone contacts, e-mail contacts and social connects (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)

• Spread products organically.


Pull and push tactics are based on the redefinition of the distribution. It is therefore essential to know how the world works online. If you do not understand how people navigate online, you will be hard pressed to pull or push traffic to your website.

Product tactics, however, are based on the redefinition of the product.

Most startups and growing companies successfully use a combination of the three tactics to get visitors. You can too. If you want to increase the number of potential visits for your website, then these three tactics are a must.

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