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LinkedIn Makes Conversation Easier With Smart Replies

LinkedIn is making it easier to converse via its messaging platform.

The professional networking site has launched Smart Replies to help you respond to messages with much less effort. Now, thanks to machine learning, you will be able to choose from a handful of prepared responses based on the messages you receive.

“For example, if an old friend asks if you’re available to catch up over coffee next week, you may see suggestions like “Yes I am,” or “Sure!” or “What time’, LinkedIn senior product manager Arpit Dhariwal wrote in a blog post.

“Coming soon, we’ll be personalizing your smart replies further so that the suggestions are even more fitting for the conversation you’re having. For example, you may soon see a response like ‘Thanks, Joe!’ versus the more simplified ‘Thanks’.”

See it in action here:

Smart Replies is available to English-speaking Smartphone users via the LinkedIn app as well as to desktop users.

You can turn Smart Replies on and off in your settings.

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