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5 Tricks for Halloween Social Banners That Get the Treats

A great banner can make or break your campaign. It needs to engage and entice the viewer enough to trigger the click — in a limited amount of space and time.

  1. Play on the color.

People expect orange for Halloween so give them what they want – not yellow. There can be a very strict color code to obey when designing Halloween banners. Even when straying from the usual jack-o-lanterns, cats, bats and ghosts, there’s still room to play with the complimentary colors of purple, orange and black. The goal is to hint to the holiday without blatantly showing its iconic figures, keeping it mysterious but still Halloween related.

  1. Make it really scary.

This can be achieved with simple and gripping images. Go for simple compositions. No need to add very graphic images with ghosts or zombies. People prefer to be teased and the horror style they appreciate is the one that keeps them on their tiptoes. A few examples could be: zombie hands reaching out on simple gloomy background, Hannibal’s mask, a bat face close up.

  1. Elevate the gasping effect

Achieve the maximum horror effect by animating your banner, preferably at the end to add an element of surprise. Shots taken from angles

that render them scary like an eerie surprise. When taking the position of scaring audiences beyond belief, choose low-angle or wide-angle images that tend to distort faces and features. Blurry images also work very well by playing on a psychological level and planting the seed of fear.

  1. Create a seamless look

If you’re looking to create a friendlier banner, then seamless patterns are the go-to choice. There are plenty of symbols and icons to choose from that transfer easily on all device and relay a spooky element.

  1. Halloween-ize your materials

Play with the standard layout of your banners such as buttons and the company logo. By adding a pumpkin, or a bat sitting on the logo, your company is celebrating the season without too much effort.

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