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Facebook Unveils New Features for Groups

Facebook wants to see the Groups on its platform grow.

To make that happen, the social network has launched a number of new tools to help Group admins grow and manage their communities. The features, which were inspired by feedback from the Communities Summit Facebook hosted in Chicago this summer, benefit both admins and members.

“Since the Summit, we’ve been busy building tools and programs that will help them grow and manage their communities,” Facebook product management director Alex Deve said in a blog post.

The tools being rolled out are:

Welcome Posts: Admins can now write a welcome post that will automatically tag new joiners.

Badges: This enables members to easily identify group leaders and other members. Facebook has also introduced badges for group admins, moderators and new members.

Member profiles: Now, when a group member clicks on another person’s name they will be taken to a group-specific profile which will show publicly-available information about common interests as well as a feed of that person’s activity in the group.

Finally, many admins spend hours each week making sure their Facebook groups stay supportive and safe, so we’ve built new features to help group admins grow and manage their communities,” Deve said.

“We’ve expanded the Group Insights tool to include helpful personalized tips, like scheduling posts at times when members are most engaged.”

One of the admin new tools, for instance, will allow him or her to deal with members not following the group rules of conduct. Admins will have the option of being able to temporarily turn off a member’s ability to comment and post as well as remove members who violate their community’s rules from all the groups they manage with just one click.

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