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LinkedIn Premium Subscribers Can Now Track Other Companies

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LinkedIn is expanding its Premium Insights tool to give its premium subscribers more insight.

The professional networking site has launched peer benchmarking, a feature that should help its users to make smarter business decisions.

“With this feature, you can easily compare your company, or other companies you may be interested in, to industry peers to better understand their competitive standing and trends over time — all in one place,” LinkedIn product leader and strategist Megan Kamil said in a blog post.

Premium Business, Sales Navigator and Talent Solutions subscribers will be able to use peer benchmarking to obtain three main insights on Company Pages. They are:

1. Total employee count: This enables users to better identify and understand talent trends by comparing a firm’s employee growth to that of its counterparts over a six-month, one-year or two-year period.

2. Employee distribution and headcount growth by function: This offers insight on which functions are increasing the fastest across businesses in a similar niche to better understand what stage of growth they are in.

3. Total job openings: By seeing how many and what kind of job openings a company has compared to its competitors, users can determine its growth plans.

“Peer benchmarking gives you stronger comparative insights while saving you time,” Kamil said. “We hope this helps you work smarter, and look forward to adding even more features that give you the insights you need to be successful.”

Peer benchmarking is now available to desktop users with a premium subscription. The functionality will be available to mobile users “soon.”

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