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Pinterest Users Browse With Intent to Buy: Study

If your brand is not yet on Pinterest, a new study may be the incentive you need to put your products in front of a brand new audience.

While Pinterest does not have as many members as Facebook or Instagram, what it does have is highly engaged users. In fact, a new study commissioned by Pinterest has discovered that the virtual pin-up board attracts people who browse with intent, unlike Facebook, for instance, which attracts a multitude of mindless browsers.

Pinterest isn’t about killing time, rather, it is “about finding something to do or buy,” according to the study.

“Seventy-two percent of survey respondents said they use the platform to find new ideas for their everyday life or hobbies—nearly double that of Google,” reads a Pinterest blog post. “Many respondents even said that Pinterest has become their default search engine. And they’re not just searching or browsing for different things, they’re buying them too.”

The researchers asked Pinterest users to list how they use the site. Here are the findings:

  • Auto: 52 percent of those surveyed say they create boards or search for cars they want to buy while 67 percent search for tips on car modifications and accessories.
  • Beauty: 40 percent create boards for products they want to buy and 67 percent use the site to discover how to create new looks.
  • Entertainment: 37 percent create boards to keep track of events or concerts they want to attend and 49 percent use it to find new TV shows, movies and books.
  • Finance: 86 percent of those interviewed say they are looking for at least one financial service, and 49 percent say they would like to discover financial tips and tricks.
  • Food and drink: 42 percent of those surveyed say they purchase items for recipes found on Pinterest and a whopping 76 percent search for ideas and create boards for daily meal planning.
  • Home decor: 52 percent create boards for home decor products they hope to purchase, and 83 percent say they use Pinterest for DIY projects.
  • Style: 46 percent create wishlists for products they want to buy or receive as gifts while 66 percent use it to inspire their fashion choices.
  • Travel: 68 percent create boards of places they would like to visit, while 46 percent use it to find lodgings for future vacations.

The study also found that Pinners not only don’t mind ads, but welcome them.

“Pinners tend to be more open-minded to ads since they fit seamlessly within the platform. Nearly three quarters (73 percent) of respondents said Pinterest content from brands is useful, and this is true for both organic and Promoted Pins,” the blog post reads.

“When we looked at just people who said they were aware of Pinterest ads, 61 percent said they’ve discovered new brands or products from Promoted Pins, and half of them made a purchase after seeing one.”

The analysis discovered that five major advertisers on Pinterest enjoyed a tidy ROI: $2 in profit for every $1 spent. When gross retail dollars, rather than profit, was factored in, that translated into a $4.30 return on each dollar spent.

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