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November 7, 2017

How to Make a Website: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide From a Web Developer

STEP 1: Choose Your Website Platform

You don’t need to learn HTML, CSS, PHP to create a good and functional website.

Before you start thinking about color schemes, domain name and Web hosting, you’ve got to decide what platform you’re going to build your website with.

Back in 2004, when I got started with Web development, most sites were built using

  • HTML (code)
  • CSS (code)
  • PHP (code)

These took a lot of time to learn and were tricky to master (still are).

I don’t recommend learning coding from scratch because it could take months, if not years to fully master.

And even then, you’re probably still not satisfied with the end result of your website. Adding content through HTML and PHP pages would be a time wasting and really complicated process.

In 2017, most people and organizations use content management systems (CMS) to build and manage their websites. I’m recommending it, too.

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