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Facebook Community Boost Puts Focus on Small Business Owners

Facebook is embarking on a new campaign to help small business owners in the United States.

Enter Facebook Community Boost, a program designed to aid small businesses growth by equipping the people behind these businesses with “the digital skills they need to compete in the new economy.”

“We want to do more to support communities across America – particularly for those who are transitioning to careers that require more digital skills,” Facebook vice-president of small business Dan Levy said in a blog post.

“Facebook Community Boost was developed based on requests from the small business community that Facebook spend more time in their cities and provide more training.”

Community Boost will visit 30 American cities — including Houston, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Des Moines and Greenville, South Carolina — next year.

As part of the initiative, Facebook will partner with local organizations to:

  • Provide digital skills and training for people looking for a job;
  • Offer advice to entrepreneurs on how to get started;
  • Aid existing local businesses and non-profits in getting all they can out of the Internet.

If you want Facebook Community Boost to come to your city or town, share your story at

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