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November 10, 2017

Five Marketing Team Members You Need to Succeed

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Marketing successfully isn’t a game of solitaire. When it comes to creating a marketing campaign, you need highly skilled, professional players to cover all the bases. Pick your experts first, then get on the field.

Brand Developer. Before you put your efforts into telling people about your product, you must have a clear brand. You may intimately know what you’re selling, but without a solid brand, you don’t have the strong voice you need to be heard. Your brand must be a unique personality. Is your company a strong bulldog or a warm grandmother? Do you want to give the impression of a buttoned up executive or a fun-loving surfer? This expert will help you craft the brand that accurately represents your company. Without it, you have no foundation upon which to build your campaign.

Marketing Campaign Manager. This expert first investigates your target audience to find out the best ways to reach them. He or she might conduct market research to gather more information before deciphering what marketing materials and methods will be the most successful. Perhaps you need a website, brochure, banner ads and a Facebook page. Maybe you need a direct mail sales letter. Maybe a sample or special offer should be included in that letter. Maybe you’d benefit from a TV or radio commercial. This expert analyzes your goals, determines your marketing needs and puts all the pieces into place to create your campaign.

SEO Specialist. If you’re going to have an online presence (and you absolutely should), a search engine optimization specialist is an imperative part of your team. This technical expert keeps up on the latest trends in SEO and SEM, determining your keywords and phrases and the most effective ways to use them. Keyword phrases are utilized in both the technical end of your website (the “hidden,” most mysterious part to us non-techies) as well as within your copy, including blogs, ads and articles. If you want people to find you through their online searches, you must have this specialist at bat.

Graphic Designer. Once your brand is set, this expert creates the visual impression that will be clear and cohesive across your marketing materials – the “face” of your brand, if you will. From your logo to your website, product packaging to brochure, print ad to newsletter, this expert visually dresses up your materials so they are exciting, instantly recognizable and an accurate representation of your company. A true creative, a graphic designer’s right brain would light up like a Christmas tree on a MRI because they interpret the world visually. Color, shape, depth, light, shadow, juxtaposition are their toys – the materials they use to create the most appropriate, effective and brilliant design for your brand.

Copywriter. Without words, your brand doesn’t have a voice. This expert explores your brand, target audience, services and/or product in-depth in order to gain a full, comprehensive understanding of who you are and what you hope to achieve. Writing is more than just slapping words together; it’s an art form that combines creativity with an understanding of human psychology (and sometimes keywords) in order to create clear, engaging, effective copy that zings right to the heart of your target audience. A copywriter does so much more than “sell” your company/service/product. A copywriter shows the audience why they need your service and why they need it right now.

Marketing, like any team sport, is a collaborative effort. Just like the third baseman covers his plate, each member is responsible for their expertise, but they all work together to win the game. If you’re missing a member, you simply cannot play your best. But if you have all of these experts suited up and ready to go, you’ll be more likely to take home the trophy.

A final cost-saving note: Don’t ask one of these professionals to also take on the job of another. Too often I have clients who ask me to “fix” the copy their Web person wrote. Most of these times, they had asked their Web person to take on this task in the hopes of saving money. But instead, they wasted time and money both. I would never try to design a brochure or website. My design work involves crayons and construction paper; that’s why I’m not a designer. Trust that working with experts will be worth the money; your ROI will reflect it.


Kamilla Rottenberg is a blogger living in Boston, U.S. She studies marketing and management at University. She likes painting and writing. Also, Kamilla enjoys traveling and photography.