YouTube Targeting Inappropriate Videos on Its Kids App

YouTube is cracking down on the unsuitable videos that have been popping up on its YouTube Kids app.

Content creators have been using characters from popular cartoons, such as Paw Patrol and Frozen, to post videos with alarming imagery, including graphic violence and sexual situations.

According to a recent report from The New York Times, the videos are slipping past the filters on the YouTube Kids app, enabling children to see videos of Mickey Mouse being run down by a car or a member of the Paw Patrol being possessed by a demon.

YouTube, in August, put in place a policy that prohibited publishers from monetizing videos with “inappropriate use of family-friendly characters.” Now, according to The Verge, YouTube will automatically block all such content from its kids app.

“We’re in the process of implementing a new policy that age restricts this content in the YouTube main app when flagged,” YouTube’s director of policy Juniper Downs told the publication. “Age-restricted content is automatically not allowed in YouTube Kids.”

All videos pass through algorithmic filters before being uploaded to YouTube Kids but now, if a video is flagged as inappropriate, it will be sent to the policy review team. If the review determines the clip to be in violation of YouTube’s new policy, an age restriction will be placed on it which automatically prevents it from appearing on the Kids app.

The changes will go live over the next few weeks.

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