YouTube Investigating After Autofill Surfaces Alarming Child Sex Results

YouTube is looking into the disturbing phrases its autocomplete has been surfacing when users type in ‘how to have.’

A number of users have reported phrases like ‘how to have s*x with your kids’ and ‘how to have s*x kids’ popping up as auto prompts.

The videos linked to the ‘how to have’ results did not actually portray any children being abused.

“Earlier today our teams were alerted to this profoundly disturbing autocomplete result and we worked to quickly remove it as soon as we were made aware,” a YouTube spokeswoman said in a statement Sunday.

“We are investigating this matter to determine what was behind the appearance of this autocompletion.”

A BuzzFeed article suggested that the results, which are “very specific,” may be “the result of a co-ordinated campaign to game” YouTube’s algorithm in an attempt to embarrass the company.

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