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The 10 Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners

“Our culture is so niche-oriented now, you don’t need 3 million people to listen to your podcast. . . If 10,000 people listen, which isn’t a hard number to achieve, then 10,000 people listen to your podcast. You can do something with that, you can build a community, and literally change the world, just recording into a recorder.” – Chris Hardwick, Stand-up comedian, actor, television host, producer and podcaster

Over the past several years, podcasts have exploded. This is an immensely powerful medium for reaching your target audience. And podcasts are just getting started.

Business-related podcasts are a stellar way for entrepreneurs and business owners to obtain tips, tricks, and tons of valuable insights on a wide range of professional topics in an easily-consumable way. And they’re insanely popular.

Podcasts can be an excellent source for inspiration and education for time-strapped entrepreneurs. But as valuable as this audio may be, sifting through the 250,000-plus podcasts in the iTunes store to find the best that business has to offer is a feat that most find overwhelming. There’s a lot of fluff in that heap of info, and it’s hard to find the gems.

Here is your bypass to that needle and haystack challenge. Below are the top 10 podcasts that all small business owners should be subscribing to.

1. The #AskGaryVee Show

Internet personality, author, CEO, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck has built a media empire by sharing his knowledge in various forms of content across all the major social destinations.

Staying true to his knowledge-generous style, Gary helps others to build their own personal brands, obtain leading business insights and figure out what steps to take next in his podcast, The #AskGaryVee Show.

This program – which is basically a Q&A session guided by user-submitted queries – can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded from iTunes, and provides tons of insights on entrepreneurship, marketing, and everything else business-related.

2. The Tim Ferris Show

Entrepreneur, NO. 1 New York Times best-selling author, and public speaker, Tim Ferris has one of the most popular business podcasts on the planet. The Tim Ferris Show, which was the first business podcast to exceed 100 million downloads, hosts top performers across various industries for in-depth interviews.

Tim seeks to uncover what it was that helped the luminaries he brings on to reach the top of their game and then extracts valuable advice for business owners to put into action.

3. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas, host of the EOFire podcast, interviews fellow entrepreneurs seven days a week. His energetic audio often features inspiring stories from successful business folks and reminds listeners that building a company should be exciting and rewarding work.

Each week, John obtains actionable insights from his guests while helping to re-ignite the fire of inspiring entrepreneurs.

4. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield covers just about everything a small business owner needs to know about modern day marketing practices.

Through this format, Amy hosts a wide range of marketing gurus – intertwined with her own knowledge – to help small time entrepreneurs to understand how to successfully monetize marketing efforts through actionable steps regarding blogging, lead generation, e-mail marketing, authority building, social media marketing, content marketing tricks and just about every other digital marketing trend needed to succeed in today’s competitive online landscape.

5. Marketing School

While we are on the topic of marketing, I would be remiss if I failed to mention Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s Marketing School.

This daily podcast is much shorter than most on this list – often less than 10 minutes a piece – but still manages to pack in tons of valuable and actionable insights related to in-depth marketing practices like improving your ranking position on Google, how to gain more reach on Facebook, and tons of other useful tactics.

6. Youpreneur FM

Personal branding is a powerful practice for building a high-profile existence online.

Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur podcast is completely focused on helping individuals and small business owners to build a lasting personal brand.

The podcast often features some of the top names in the industry, helping to uncover viable strategies for branding and marketing yourself successfully to thrive as a solopreneur.

7. Duct Tape Marketing

Best-selling author John Lantsch has been in podcasting for more than 10 years. In that time, the Duct Tape Marketing podcast has hosted countless authorities, experts, thought leaders, authors and entrepreneurs who have shared their secrets to marketing success.

On his podcast, John provides listeners with powerful resources and knowledge from some of today’s leading marketing professionals that help business owners to set goals and take steps toward achieving their objectives.

8. Smart Passive Income

On the Smart Passive Income podcast, Pat Flynn shares in-depth strategies for building an online business that generates passive income – a focus he has tangible experience with himself .

Pat covers a wide range of topics on his podcast including affiliate marketing, personal branding, crowdfunding tips and even insights related to podcasting itself.

If you are interested in learning how to create passive income channels, this is the podcast for you.

9. The School of Greatness

New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur Lewis Howes hosts The School of Greatness podcast.

While this podcast certainly offers tons of great business insights from the industry’s leading experts, it is also a bit more diverse. The School of Greatness also features top athletes, celebrities and eclectic personalities, seeking to uncover what makes great people and how his listeners can tap into those same energies and insights.

10. ZenFounder

ZenFounder, is geared toward entrepreneurs who are having a hard time managing the psychological and emotional challenges that come with leading a growing business.

Hosted by Sherry and Rob Walling, Sherry is a clinical psychologist and her husband Ron is a serial entrepreneur.

This combination engenders a forum focused on the personal health of entrepreneurs who are trying to keep their sanity intact while building a startup.

Podcasts are an amazing source of information and can be consumed just about anywhere. If you feel like you just don’t have time to read informative content, take online courses or certifications, or do anything other than work on your business, check out these podcasts; they can be the key to creating the same level of success and greatness for you and your company too.

What is your favorite business podcast? Which of these do you plan on checking out first?

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