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How to Create Influencer Relationships That Move the Needle

Last year, TapInfluence shared a study in conjunction with Nielsen Catalina Solutions that found that influencer marketing content delivers a return on investment that is 11 times higher than traditional forms of digital marketing.

And, according to a Launchmetrics study, more than 60 percent of companies expected to continue and  increase investments in influencer campaigns as part of their overall marketing strategy.

That number is on the rise as the influencer medium becomes a substantially more effective way of reaching consumer audiences. The power of social is truly undeniable.

As we look to the last quarter of 2017, planning is already well underway for 2018. To best focus your influencer marketing approach, here is a look at the top trends for mobile app development markets.

Intuitive Partnerships

While the Internet is awash with celebrities and influencers, finding the right ambassadors for your brand can be a serious challenge. The right influencer should have the aesthetic and voice to coherently complement your brand’s look-and-feel. You want to find a natural fit for your channel’s theme that can be effective in its delivery and reach the audience in a way that they respond to.

The best partnerships are a win-win, offering both the influencer and the brand benefits and financial incentives. For example, an influencer partnership can include free access to a product and tangible perks, as well as financial compensation for their paid endorsement. In turn, the brand expects to gain genuine enthusiasm and engagement with target audiences that far surpass the results of interruption advertising.

Authenticity is Imperative

The next step in developing your influencer network in is working with influencers that speak authentically about your brand. Audiences are getting better at sniffing out imposters that don’t really believe in the brand they’re representing.

Vetting and recruiting the right influencers can take time in the planning phases of a campaign; however, finding the right partners who have exceptional style and articulation will pay off exponentially for your key performance indicators and optimal audience engagement.

Other Factors to Consider

While style factors can be fluid—depending on your brand focus—there are several core categories to think through during evaluation including  appearance, watchability, and shareability.

Identifying strengths in these categories for each influencer partnership will help you build a well-rounded, cohesive campaign where you are repped by ambassadors who’ll be directly impactful to your audience, and who will help you evaluate key performance indicators through direct connections to your brand’s website, channels, and social media.

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Yogin Patel

A passionate brand and influencer evangelist, Yogin Patel is the founder and CEO of influencer management agency, YPSocial.

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  • Yes – you should always strive for authenticity: people aren’t dumb, they can smell anything contrived on the spot!

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