Google Trends Now Offering More Real-Time Data From News, Shopping, Images, YouTube

Google is bringing more data to your fingertips with an update of its Google Trends service.

The tech titan will now enable you to track what people across the globe are searching for in real-time by leveraging data from NewsShoppingImages and YouTube.

“Say you’re curious about search interest in Taylor Swift following the recent release of her latest album,” Google News Lab data editor Simon Rogers explained.

“You now have the option to explore that data in different ways, like finding the related videos that people are searching for on YouTube.”

Here is how it works:

  • Type your search at the top of the Trends screen.
  • Click on the correct topic, in this case, ‘American singer-songwriter.’
  • You will be taken to a page that shows search interest in Taylor Swift, worldwide.
  • Change the time range and the geography to match the information you want.

  • If you want data from options other than web search, click on the button on the right. More options will appear.

Google Trends can be window into the world, giving us a peek into what people are searching for—whether it’s elections, music, sports or games,” Rogers added. “Explore the Google Trends site and see more of how the world searches for Taylor, her music or anything that you’re interested in.”

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