Microsoft Unveils Plans for Multi-Billion Dollar Headquarters Revamp

Microsoft is getting ready to spend billions of dollars on a massive overhaul of its headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Construction will begin next fall and, once complete, will add space for 8,000 new employees.

The multi-year campus revamp will include 18 new buildings, 6.7 million square feet of renovated workspace and $150 million in transportation infrastructure improvements, public spaces, sports fields and green space.

The project, Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said, will give the campus the equivalent of 180 football fields of new and renovated space.

“This project represents a significant investment by the company, will involve roughly 2,500 construction and development jobs, and will take five to seven years to complete,” Smith said.

“Our new campus will be more open and less formal, divided into a series of team neighborhoods while capturing more natural light and fostering the type of creativity that will lead to ongoing innovation to advance the industry and benefit our customers.”

The renovations will also include a two-acre open plaza that can accommodate up to 12,000 people, running and walking trails, soccer and cricket facilities and retail space.

The campus will be designed for pedestrians and cyclists. All cars will be moved to an underground parking facility. The company also plans to construct a foot- and cyclist-only bridge to connect both sides of its campus.

“As Microsoft continues to create the tools and services that are shaping the future of work, we can’t think of a better time to modernize our campus into a model of ingenuity and innovation,” Smith added.

You can check out Microsofts plans for its revamped campus in the video below.

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