Google’s New App Datally Helps Save Mobile Data

Google has launched a brand new app that allows you to monitor your mobile data.

Dubbed Datally, the app helps you to understand how your mobile data works. Via the app, you can see your data usage on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and receive customized recommendations for how to save more.

You then have the option to control your data by turning on the data saver bubble. This prevents background data usage and tracks real-time data usage while using the apps on your phone.

“It’s like a speedometer for your data,” Google explains. “You can also block data with one tap if an app’s data usage gets out of control.”

Lastly, Datally helps you save your data by telling you if you’re near public Wi-Fi and helping you connect.

Datally is available worldwide in the Google Play Store for Smartphones running Android Lollipop and higher.

Check out the app in action below:

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