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How to Increase Your Subscription Rate for Web Push Notifications

One cannot deny the fact that the higher the number of subscribers, the more authentic the Web push notification. It isn’t easy to convert people who land on your site into subscribers — it takes effort and patience.

According to Google, any Web push notification needs to follow three principles to reap success: being timely, precise, and relevant to your notification content. Remember, such notifications motivate a user to get subscribed to your notification instantly. Let’s brush up on some easy strategies that can help you get more subscriptions for your Web push notifications.

Drive the right opt-in strategy

Earning a good subscription list is a tough task indeed and requires a lot of effort. The average opt-in rate for e-mail newsletters is just two percent, meaning it is difficult to improve your subscription rate via e-mail newsletters.

Things are different when it comes to Web push notifications. The average opt-in rate here is five to 15 percent depending on the type of website you own. Using the right opt-in strategy, preferably a native opt-in strategy that demands only one-step verification process for the subscription, is key.

The native opt-in strategy cannot be customized and is chosen by the browser itself. It will enhance the chances of your subscribers’ list increasing. But, if you are facing high Bounce Rate, then it is better to delay your opt-in to give until your potential customers understand your website better.

While you create the opt-in message, keep in mind:

• Targeted Audience – Frame your message to satisfy your targeted audience.

• Pros of Web push notification – Make sure that the notification will benefit your user in one way or other. Do not send a notification just to fill in the numbers.

• The frequency of notification – Do not bombard them with too many notifications. Earn their trust by sending relevant notifications. Assure them that they can turn off the notifications anytime they wish.

Crack the right time

When a new user lands on your website, every effort must be made to make the user want to subscribe to your site. Subscription rates are highest if the pop-out is shown within five to seven seconds of the user landing on your website. Make sure that you ask for a new user to become a subscriber at the right time.

Easy unsubscribe option

Let users know they can unsubscribe from your notifications at anytime. It builds up confidence in the users’ minds and they will be more likely to give you a try. Gradually build up their trust in you by convincing them that you never bombard them with notifications. Don’t be a spammer.

Attract new subscribers with exciting offers

How about attracting new subscribers by offering them exciting deals and special discounts? If you have found a user has left your website without subscribing, you can try sending him or her an offer or a coupon code accompanied by a note of thanks for visiting your site. Then, gently reminding him/her to subscribe your channel.

Earn qualitative traffic

Getting quality traffic is yet another way to earn subscribers. Try running ad campaigns to drive more quality traffic. With this method, you can convert authenticated users into subscribers. The right ad campaigns can lead to more people landing on your site, more purchases and an increase in subscribers.

Major take aways:

  • Provide one-step verification for your opt-in strategy, making the subscription process effortless and smooth.
  • Earn quality traffic to your website that can improve the credibility of your site by running quality ad campaigns
  • Follow timing rules to convert users into loyal customers and subscribers.
  • Attract new subscribers with exciting offers.

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Gayathry Pillai

Gayathry V Pillai is the content marketer at PushEngage, a platform for sending Web push notifications. Apart from writing, she loves traveling and is a coffee addict. Catch up with her on Twitter here: @gayathryvp.