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Pinterest Debuts Chat Extension, Bot for Facebook Messenger

Pinterest has launched a new chat extension and bot for Facebook Messenger that makes collaboration easier between the two platforms.

The goal, Pinterest engineering manager Hayder Casey said, is to make it easier for Pinners to collaborate with those using Messenger.

“We’re rolling out a Pinterest chat extension to make it simpler to share Pins and collaborate with family and friends directly from Messenger,” Casey said. “Now pinners can easily share ideas without ever having to leave the Messenger conversation.”

The new functionality means pins shared from Pinterest to Messenger will be linked to Pinterest’s chat extension automatically and the full image of a pin will appear in Messenger once shared.

The Pinterest bot, meanwhile, brings Pinterest Search to Messenger. It aids pinners in ferreting out recipes, products and style and decor ideas as well other items of interest.

“To get started, chat the bot and select a topic like food, home or DIY to get recommendations from our dataset of 100 billion-plus ideas,” Casey said. “You can also search for ideas to try, from cocktail recipes to holiday outfits, right from the Pinterest bot.”

The Pinterest chat extension will be available in the coming days to English-speaking pinners using iOS or Android. The bot, however, will be launched across all platforms, mobile and web. To take advantage of Pinterest’s bot, make sure you update your Pinterest app to version 6.40 on iOS and 6.45 on Android.

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