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December 7, 2017

12 Apps to Increase the Productivity of Your Small Business

Technology has changed the way in which business is conducted. With the assistance of a few applications, small companies can work effectively to increase productivity and enhance collaboration between team members.

In a world where more than one million applications are competing in Google’s Play Store, it is essential to know the applications that will enhance the productivity of your small business. To spare business owners the inconvenience of searching productive applications, here are some applications that business people can take advantage of.

1. Buffer for Social Profiles Management

Buffer is a widely used tool for scheduling, analyzing and publishing social media posts on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

The basic plan is free and permits one profile for every social media platform. Those with greater demands can choose the $10 package, which permits more online networking profiles and 100-plus posts scheduling for every profile. The $99 plan offers 25 social accounts, five additional team members, 2,000 scheduled posts, link shortening and more.

2. MailChimp for E-mail Marketing

MailChimp is designed to deal with everything related to e-mail marketing. It can assist a business owner with e-mail marketing campaigns to produce more leads and reach new potential clients. MailChimp pricing depends on the number of subscribers you have. It comes with four distinct plans: Start-Up plan, Growing Business Plan, Pro Plan, and High Volume Sender.

The main features of MailChimp are:

  • It integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento.
  • Automation to send e-mail at the right time to each person in any tie zone.
  • Drag and drop designer for the creation of campaigns.
  • Advanced analytics and more.

3. Slack for Project Management

Slack is a team communication tool with heaps of features for collaboration. With Slack, colleagues can make discussion channels for topics or projects, such as marketing, finance, development and more. It also supports private channels for confidential discussions.

The basic version of slack is free with 5GB of storage and two-person calls. The paid plan starts at $6.67 per user, per month and offer group calls and 10GB of storage space.

4. Kanban Flow for Lean Project Management

Kanban Flow allows you to deal with a project by utilizing Kanban Board. Kanban Board provides you an excellent overview of your present work situation. On the board, all the tasks are presented in a well-categorized format. Kanban Flow offers two packages, one is a free, basic package and the other is $5 per user per month. The free plan offers features like, multiple user roles and time management while the paid plans offers some extras like search and attachments.

5. Asana for Tracking

Asana tool is easy to use and capable enough to run your business effectively. It is a team collaboration app by which teams can track their progress. While the app is free to use for up to 15 members, more individuals can be added with the Premium plan that is for $9.99 per month. The paid version comes with the following:

  • Unlimited number of colleagues can be added.
  • Client success program.
  • Unlimited dashboards and guests.

6. Square for Credit Card Processing 

Square is a credit card processing system with the help of which you can accept credit cards anywhere for payments. It is available for every business but is ideal for small organizations that need a solution to swipe credit cards for accepting payments. Square takes 2.75 percent of every transaction. Here are some additional features of Square:

  • Handles digital receipts effortlessly.
  • Tracks stock.
  • Make sales reports.
  • Comes with inbuilt analytics feature.

7. Expensify for Expense Reports

Expensify is a simple to utilize tool that can keep track of expenses. It accompanies an OCR technology, which itself changes receipt details into a code and saves it directly into the system. Furthermore, Expensify additionally monitors business travel. It comes in three distinct plans with a team business plan being $5 per user for a month.

8. QuickBooks for Proper Control of Your Cash Flow

QuickBooks can effectively deal with the finance and accounting requirements of a small business. It offers numerous advanced features and a learning and support section. The basic plan is offered at $10 per month, which accompanies basic features to track income and costs. Another plan comes in at $21 per month and offers extra features like instant deals and profit reports.

9. Timecamp for Time Tracking

Timecamp is a tool for monitoring billable hours. It accompanies advanced features that can monitor time and cost for projects, measure profitability, block websites to work beneficially on the Internet, and more.

The initial plan is free and is compatible with desktop and mobile. Its app comes with a time tracking function. The basic plan comes at $6 per user, per month and accompanies additional items and integrations.

10. Outlook for Communication

The Outlook application from Microsoft is the full package through which e-mails, files or docs and contacts are easily available. The application brings essential e-mails to your consideration based on communications and it works with Exchange,, Office 365 and numerous other e-mail accounts.

11. Trello for Organizing Projects

This bulletin board application is easily adaptable and helps you and your team in making plans for the day, notes and more. Records are made and filled with cards, which are tasks, thoughts or ideas for any project and additionally pictures that can be dropped and dragged between steps. Sharing with different users is easy and they can include their own comments and allot tasks.

12. Dropbox for File Sharing

Perhaps the most well-known cloud storage service, Dropbox’s application offers storage and sharing solutions. It enables you to store your documents on the Web and they can be accessed from anywhere. Records can be shared for cooperative working and new documents can be transferred anytime.


Aanchal Kaura works as a content strategist with Seasia Infotech. She is popular for her impeccable writing skills. She has a flare for writing about technology, mobile development and other business-related topics. Her writing comes from her research and experience with Web development.