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Security Technologies That are Changing the Way We Live

What kinds of security measures are suitable for the typical household? While some settle for new locks, deadbolt technology and reinforced windows, newer technologies and software work to improve overall home functions as well as increase security and safety. Technology has made modern alarm systems more effective at detecting break-ins, intruders, or danger. Most even contact authorities in the case of these emergencies. To prevent theft, you could purchase a basic security system which comes with a fire alarm, motion sensors for doors and windows, and carbon monoxide detectors. But first, make sure you have the basics covered. Here are some basics of home technologies and how they are changing daily life and home living.

The Basics

Has your house ever been broken into before? Are your belongings well-protected when you aren’t around? Reports show that approximately 70 percent of burglars will force their way in through an unlocked door or open window. Using a Grade-1 or Grade-2 lock would discourage many lock-picking attempts. Add a heavy-duty, knob-in-lock set to your doorknob for extra security. It would also be wise to remove shrubs and bushes that could make good hiding places for burglars. Another method of deterring intruders is to light up your property at night which increases the chance of them being spotted. Planting a warning sign in your front yard will substitute for the time being in case you don’t have a house alarm.

After doubling down on the basics, here are a few of the best security technologies changing the very way we live.

Doberman Security Entry Defense Alarm

This powerful alarm is triggered by unauthorized entry through the front door in case you forget to lock up the house. The adhesive sensor can be placed near windows and doors, similar to an overhead camera monitor. This system also works to alert authorities and can keep you updated with constant home monitoring.

ADT Full Security and Monitoring

Some great news for the average homeowner is that home security systems are becoming more and more affordable. ADT offers monitored home security camera and video footage, as well as 24-hour support and customer service. Its Pulse systems allows you to see visitors from your Smartphone or other devices. The company’s systems also come with a range of other options including flood monitoring, carbon monoxide sensors and fire warnings.

Mpow Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Light

This outdoor light uses solar energy meaning it won’t turn off during a power outage. Its LED lights illuminate dark areas up to 26 feet around the premise and it works best at night when fully charged. Though lights are basics in most house security, having them automatically turn on will deter thieves and keep your family safer in the long run.

Artscape Etched Glass Window Film

You certainly don’t want your valuables to be visible to people outside your home. With this 24-inch by 36-inch etched window film, your privacy is guaranteed, providing you with enough sunlight to brighten up your living room but not enough to show the world your indoors. Etched glass can also be a great decorative touch to your front door or living room windows.

Schlage One-Way Wide-Angle Peephole

Home invasions are still a serious problem in the U.S. This angled peephole lets you see who is knocking on your door. It also blocks strangers from seeing what’s inside your house.

Every family should install high-tech security in their home. Most people close the windows and lock their doors when they go out, but few households actually have a fully-functioning security system besides smoke detectors. A house serves as a safe place for you and your family. That’s why it’s important to protect your home from potential intruders.

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