iOS Losing in Key Markets, Except China

Infographic: iOS Losing in Key Markets, Except China | Statista

Decreases in the U.S. and Great Britain of 3.7 and 5.7 percentage points respectively, typify the current situation for the iPhone and its operating system as it struggles to keep its hold on the ever more Android dominated market.

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  • We’ve been saying for a long time that keywords importance will diminish, however it is still the name of the game ! We’ve also been told (by google) that keywords in the domain name will be considered spammy, but i still see quite a few high ranking websites having the main keywords in the domain!!!

  • Nonetheless, this platform remains the most promising for developers and businesses due to a large and solvent audience. It is also worth paying attention to the Swift programming language. Though relatively young, it has a very high potential!